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I'm all on my lonesome....

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Got in at 4.40 this morning from a party. It was quiet on here then, I wonder why?? :wink::wink:


Was up at 7.30 to let the girls out and defrosted their water. OH is nursing the worse hangover I have ever seen. Just got up now and is sipping water and saying 'oh, my eyes' :roll::roll:


That'll learn him!



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:lol: Me too! Lie in until 8am - pure luxury (but only because I let them stay up a bit later last night...


I can join the 8am club too today. First time in what must be 12 months to have a lie-in. And I agree Snowy - pure luxury. Stefan stayed with his grandparents on saturday night, so it was a real treat to have the morning to ourselves.


Pre-children - we'd have wasted the time doing not much at all, but we managed to get so many of those little jobs done you just can't do with a toddler around.

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