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Totally fed up

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I hate coming in here just to moan but I really need to get life off my chest so here goes :oops:


Most of you know I have my parents staying my mum is quite poorly and wheelchair bound and they have been staying since July this is driving me crazy :evil: There are no plans for them to return home for a while yet as my dad wouldn't be able to cope and their house is not practical for a wheelchair so it will be going on for a while yet :roll:


To add to this I have had the worst weekend of my life ever :evil::evil::evil:


I work alot of weekends so to get one off is a bonus but oh god I would rather have been anywhere but home this weekend :cry::cry::cry:


I have (had) an old victorian cast iron radiator in my conservatory which always leaked water so was disconnected from thew water supply (I thought) about 5 years ago and was purely ornamental :roll:


On Saturday they was a suspicious looking frozen puddle under it so I knew roughly what was coming :roll:


saturday lunchtime it blew a huge hole in its side a foot long and about 2 inches wide and water was pouring out :cry:


I switched off the supply and drained the system :roll: Called out the emergency plumber who fixed the water and left me to refill the system and bleed the radiators which I did mostly and then the boiler would not fire up :evil::evil::evil:


he was called again and came back at 19.15 to get it running again and help to get some more air out of the system and then went away again :?


I still have 4 cold radiators 2 of which I cannot get the key to work on the other 2 are full of water so I can only assume there is air in one of the 2 I can't bleed :evil::evil::evil:


Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with them or if it isn't an air problem what it could be :?


Then to add insult to injury on Sunday the drain under the sink started to leak realkly badly I think it only needs a new washer but it means the washing up water has to be carried through in a bowl and flushed down the utility room sink at the moment till I get to B&Q and buy a new washer for it :evil::evil::evil:


And I am coming down with a cold :cry::cry::cry:


I am just so fed up right now why can't I have a bit of good luck for a change :cry::cry::cry:


I could quite happily walk away from it all just now :evil::evil::evil:

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Poor you Louise.

I sympathise with the sick parent bit. My Mum is sick too, but thankfully in full time care as I know I couldn't cope with the amount of care she needs :?

Hats off to anyone who cares for a sick relative - I know I couldn't :?


Radiator.......let me ask The Hubby when he comes back from his Christmas shopping.

He is great with plumbing,& spent most of yesterday fixing a similar sounding problem for some friends down the road.

He is one of those people who can see what the problem is really easily, so I will ask him what he thinks.


Shame you are such a long way away or I could have sent him over :roll::lol:


You moan as much as you like - it sounds to me like you are perfectly entilted!

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You poor love!! I'm not surprised your feeling so low. Looking after elderly parents is dam hard work on it's own without all the extra problems you have had.

I am not a plumber but we have a very old central heating system in our home and some of your the symptoms your describing sound familiar.


A ] bleed the radiators while the heating is not on...that is while the pump is not working. I was told that this only circulates the water and air into other parts.


B ] Give the cold radiators a firm thump...this sometimes gets things unblocked and moving with ours.


Go into the bathroom and have good cry...[you will feel better.]


I can't believe the plumber has left you without it fully working.

Could you ring him again now and play onthe fact that you have elderly people staying and they need to be warm.


sending ypou a hug as I could cry for you.

I really hope you manage to have some sort of Christmas and that things improve for you and your family next year.

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Thanks Sarah :cry:


I am worried that if I can get that damn key to turn the radiators will still be full of water and I will be no further forward finding out why 4 of them are cold :?


I am loathe to get a plumber in because I cn't get the bleed valve to turn :oops: If I could get the valves going than I would feel justified getting him out again I just feel so useless :cry:

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Hi Louise


you poor love. The only thing I can suggest with the rads is as follows (something my dad taught me). Turn all the radiators off bar one (while the boiler is OFF (edited!)). leave it a few minutes, then bleed the one that is on. Work your way round the radiators like this. This means if there is an air lock somewhere, either in the rads or the pump, it will be forced through. You may then find there is always one radiator that the air accumalates in (its our bathroom one) and you may then only need to bleed that one occassionaly.


Regarding the problem with the key, is it because it is the wrong shape or because the valves are locked or because they are spinning round? If the key is the wrong shape, you can get one with 4 different shapes on it from B & Q - it is metal and in the shape of a cross. If it is because it is spinning, tighten the outside up with a spanner and then you should be fine. Finally if it seems jammed shut maybe a bit of WD40?


Hope all that helps. Oh and stock up on some day nurse - I find it works a treat xxx

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The boiler etc was off when I bled them and only one had air in it apart from the ones I cannot get the key to turn on :?


I will try giving them a thump :roll:


They key fits fine I just can't get it to turn maybe a scoosh of WD40 will help :roll:


The plumber would have bled them etc if I had asked but I thought it is only bleeding radiators - any idiot can manage that can't they :roll:


He had alot of other jobs to get to as it has been -11 here for a couple of days and the big thaw on saturday meant lots of burst pipes :cry:

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Thanks guys I am feeling a bit better :roll:


I think I need to get a can of WD40 and try the two awkward ones and if that doesn't work spend the afternoon banging them to try and shift the air and see how I get on :evil:


At least "Ooops, word censored!"ody has suggested it could be something more sinister than air in the pipes :lol:


have a nice Christmas etc as I will be heading off soon as we finish today at 12 :wink:

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must be the season for household water works to go mad, I got home last week to find wet towels all over the house & husband in the loft, thank god he got home before me. son had left the shower switched on, the thermostat went wonky & pressure built up & pushed the hot water pipe apart in the loft, had water pouring throught the bedroom ceiling (just decorated) int the kitchen. luckily the ceiling did not fall down, but everything needs redecorating!!! I dont care I have my new poly tunnel & chicks

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Is the pressure high enough in your boiler?


We have three radiators which don't come on if the pressure drops.


I just have to tweak a little tap and fill it so that the arrow on the guage shifts.

Echo this, I leant this from OH over Christmas as his sister's radiators have a problem. If it does not automatically refill with water, you need to increase it by turning on a tap.Taking water out can cause the pressure to drop. The pressure guage should be on the boiler.


Hope things pick up soon. :D

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