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Scary moment

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My youngest daughter Cleo (who is nealry 11) has been off sick all of last week with a nasty flu bug. This has caused horrible dizzyness,which I know because I have had it too :roll:


Yesterday was her first day back at School & she was absolutly fine,no symptoms at all....in fact she came home bursting with energy!


Then yesterday evening I was drying her hair & she said she wanted a glass of water.She got up,went to the stairs & fainted,falling all they way to the bottom. :shock::shock::shock:

She doesn't remember anything at all after leaving my bedroom to go to the stair, & has luckily not been injured in any way.


I however was a total wreck,& din't stop shaking for 2 hours :shock:

Our stairs are wooden ending in a tiled floor,& if she had fallen forwards I dread to think what may have happened.


We are going to the Doctor this morning,but I thought I would ask if anyone else here has had an experience like this,with a child who has passed out ?

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Sarah..that sounds really frightening.You're doing the right thing asking your GP.So glad she wasn't injured, Luckily (touch wood) non of mine have ever fainted, but i have seen people faint and its really scary.Keep us posted on how you get on at the Doctors. Sooo glad she's ok.

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Sarah what an awful fright for you and your daughter I am glad she didn't injure herself it could have been much worse...........


When I was a teenager I frequently fainted and my mum was worried about me I was checked by a Doctor and had tests that showed I had very low blood pressure and fluctuating blood sugar levels, I was advised to eat small meals and snacks ever couple of hours but although it helped i still kept fainting in my teenage years and just got used to it by the time I reached my 20's I had grown out of it. It only happened again during my 2 pregnancies when my blood pressure became low and I had gestational diabetes....................


So don't worry too much she will be fine I am sure and it may well have just been because she was run down from the flu virus I am still here and fighting fit for most of the time.............. :lol:


Good luck at the quacks hope you get it sorted.............

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What an unsettling experience for both of you. I'm not surprised you were shaking wreck - I'm sure we would all be the same.


I wonder if it's a case of the nasty virus still lingering in her system even though she seems to be better. You know how it is after you've been ill, you start to feel ok and resume normal duties, only to find yourself really knocked for six.


It's certainly a good idea to have the doctor check - maybe she has an undetected ear infection or something.


I used to faint a lot as a child - only occasionally in adulthood - and you do find you can't remember it happening. Also, the good news is, you don't feel a thing as you land - just the aches afterwards!! My younger daughter is 11 and has fainted twice (poor thing must have got it from me!) luckily with no adverse effects.


I do hope the doc is able to reassure you. Let us know what he/she says.


Take care.

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We are back from the Doctors with a clean bill of health for Cleo :P

No heart problems,ear infections etc

He has put it down to a possible combination of the virus,& her just coming into adolesence which can cause fairly frequent faints in girls.

He said he will allow her one more faint in the next 6 weeks,but any more than that & she will need a few tests.


I remember fainting a few times when I was a teen & my eldest daughter did it twice too.........it was just unlucky it happened at the top of the stairs!


And I must say it was typical of Cleo to do it in the most dramatic way possible :lol:


My goodness it was scary ,& not something I would wish on anyone :?

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I suspect that as she had fainted and was floppy when she fell, she did less damage than if she'd been trying to stop herself from falling, so lucky in a way.


I fell down my parents' stairs and put my head through the window at the bottom, which explains a lot :wink: I must admit that I was trying to go down the stairs head first on my tummy at the time :roll:

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My niece only feinted during school holidays. Eventually they found that this was because she only had a mid-morning packet of crisps during term time. Presumeably the salt from the crisps raised her low blood pressure enough to stop her feinting. So crisps can be good for you!!

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Christine,I will tell Cleo that - she will be delighted!



Seriously,she is the sort of person who needs to "graze" throughout the day,& luckily for me she loves fresh fruit & veggies.So her 3 main meals are often supplemented by 2 or even 3 small snacks inbetween.

Cleo has always had the most phenomenal appitite,which is a great indicator to if she is REALLY ill or just campaigning for a day at home :lol:

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