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What's got into me??

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Okie, need to know if I'm still normal...

I've always liked the idea of a tidy house (distant dream with four kids, five cats and a few other animals... oh and a DH who likes to think he helps but doesn't necessarily do so), but have never been a maniac... I am not the kind who hoovers every day, wipes every surface constantly with domestos and so on.... I'd describe myself as someone who has a house that is acceptably 'undirty' rather than spotlessly clean, and aims at creating a cosy and peaceful environment rather than a perfect one...


Now we've had our christmas holiday... girls home from school for 3 weeks, hubby home for 2 weeks (very unusual)... I had planned a nice relaxed couple of weeks, had pictured myself sitting on sofas playing games and reading with the kids...


Then what happened?? I started painting the girls bedroom... then as we were moving stuff around in it anyway, did a full tidy (takes a while in a room that size with two mess-champions living in it), later on in the holiday totally cleared the garage (which is the equivalent of a trash-ground and junk market cross-breed), rebuilt the whole chicken corner in the garden (new woodchips and so on), and generally worked round the house non stop... now the girls are back at school, i am finding myself madly steaming dining chairs, washing sofa covers (never done that before), planning to tidy cupboards under the stairs, and my study, and the laundry room and ... and... and...


What's wrong with me?? why can't I stop????


Oh, and I have to make curtains for my bedroom... and re-paint it if I get round to it...


See what I mean?? DH is looking at me as if I was a lunatic...

Wanna stop... I'm exhausted...

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Ziggy if you don't want you OH looking worried, you can carry on your cleaning at my house.


I'm sure I could find you something to do :D:wink:


You took the words out of my mouth Debs....although with my new steamer :D I am like a thing possessed at the mo.


It is just what is behind cupboard doors that needs a good fettling and clear out.


New policy at Egluntine Towers....one item in....one item out. (Recycling or bin)

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You sound exactly like my sister. Even on her day off she wont sit down and relax. She's always on the go, stressed out, she works hard at work and then still keeps going when she gets home. She has 2 boys and every night she is taking them to footy practice, basketball training or rugby or friends houses etc etc . I dont know how she does it. :shock:


I have told her time and time again to relax and chill, we've often taken the kids away to allow them time to "mellow" but when we do that she decorates the house or does a makeover on the garden.


I dont think she'll ever change....I just think its the way she is - maybe you are the same?? :think:

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:D Hey, it's the first time ever people fight over me... I'd love to promise to come to do everybody else's house, but I doubt mine will ever be done... the house and garden are quite big for town houses, and there will always be another thing to clean/fix/paint...


I never used to be so manic about it... I wonder if xmas has something to do with it, having had the kids and hubby and their endless clutter all over the place, plus all the xmas decorations, cards and so on...

Also, I find doing one thing in the home always leads to wanting to do more... cause once one room is nice and tidy, suddenly the mess in other rooms seems so obvious...


I bet all the steam-cleaner gang out there will find that too, once something is steam cleaned, other stuff that seemed fine before will appear mucky :wink:

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