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Look What i just Bought!!!!

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I bid on one a couple of weeks ago, got outbid - they do 'Beware of the chicken s**t' too! :lol I was going to put it on my gate then decided maybe I didn't want to advertise that I had chooks in my garden in case someone thought it would be fun to steal/harm them :(

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I Told the Sign People that I'd passed the message on to you guys about how happy I am with plaque..

He said a big 'Thank You'

and has offered me a free plaque. I couldnt resit to choose this one tho'




Its something I'm often accused of...

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If you're now on friendly terms with the Plaque People why don't you suggest that they put a load of the 'Beware of the Chicken/Chicken poo' ones on as BIN? That way we'd all get chance to get one and they would sell loads. You could even suggest they give a charitable donation to the BHWT!



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