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I was a bit of a food s"Ooops, word censored!" until ross left his job and we had to stretch the pounds and pennys.


A new Lidl has opened in Telford. We popped in there today, [mainly to take my mind of stuff- Funeral this morning]


And i am glad to say, it was fabulous. They had such a wide range of veg, it was unbelieveable! and i didnt even know the names of some of them!


It was also VERY cheap.


Im not sure whether ours is good because its only 2 weeks old, but its fabulous!


I love foreign foods anyway and we bought loads, a massive Salami for Ross, about 30cm long, and some spanish Fruit Juice that was on offer.


If you can, brave the label it has and go in there!


The egg mayo, was even labeled FREE RANGE!

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Our local Lidl opened about a year ago. I shop there every week, although I couldn't do all my grocery shopping there.


Our store sells a range of organic veggies and often have veggies at half price. I buy bags of spinach for the Hens every week. They also sell free range eggs.


Their cheese is yummy. The bread flour makes a very good loaf and is only 49 pence a bag.


I know some people who won't go there because they say it is cheap and nasty :roll: I tell them not to be so s"Ooops, word censored!"bish :lol:


Lidl also charge 3p for a carrier bag. All the shoppers I have seen there take their own bags :D

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We go Aldi every week - I like some of there wine boxes!!! :wink: We also pick up a few fridge bits - cheese, cooked meats & cat food. Some of the gadgets / offers are good too. Oh & I like their flowers too!


We've been to Lidl today. I was very pleased that they now do a low fat range called Linessa, so bought some cheese, chocolate milk drink, jelly, dessert & mousse mixes.

We also got some greek mixes for dips, cranberry & Wenslydale cheese. I bought some condensed milk for a banofee pie (Eglutine style) oh & a full tray of tinned sweetcorn for the chooks!

We looked for the frre range mayo - but none of it was in our Lidl. It was all made from pasteurised egg....probably wet egg. Yuk!

So we will continue to make our own for now.

As for beans...we like the Lidl ones.

They'd got all Yoga stuff in there too! 8)



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I shop in Aldi - wouldn't be without it. Rarely any queues, very efficient tills, and like lidl everyone brings their own bag. They don't sell free range chicken (well i'm veggie anyway) but their free range eggs are fine. Most staple things are good and cheap eg oil, pasta, tinned tomatoes, loo roll, juice etc but we sometimes have to go to sainsburys for stuff like raisons, bread flour and other fancy/baking stuff.

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My hubby goes to Lidl once a week because there is one in the centre of Cheltenham, so when he fancies a break from the office he goes to see what bargains they have.


Our best buys have been a Phillips camping lantern which we paid £7 for which at the time were £25 elsewhere, and their chocolate is really cheap 74% cocoa dark chocolate 59p they do a large range, great for cooking and really nice to eat better than Llint.

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We have an Aldi in Galashiels and it is useless :evil:


I went in there once when the new Asda and Sainsburys both opened the same weekend and people were queuing into their car parks :roll: Why do people do that :?


Anyway I didn't need much just milk bread etc so I went into the Aldi :evil::evil::evil:


No skimmed milk the bread was the worst I have ever tasted and I came out with practically nothing I went in for :?


Maybe I am fussy but I won't be going back :lol:

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