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So sad :-(

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I was going to come and tell you that last evening we were watching a small Barn Owl hunting down by the cattle stalls - but this morning Carl found a dead owl inside the stalls :( It appears to have broken it's neck, it must have flown in after a mouse and hit some part of the structure :(


It has a leg ring and so I need to notify the BTO.


What makes it worse is that I've completed Garden Birdwatch details for the BTO for many years, and only stopped when we moved to the farm......

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I love owls! Have done since I wrote a project on them at school when I was about 12 or so... It is so sad when one dies as there are not that many of them around these days. We had one sitting in our carport just before Christmas. Saw it sitting there squinting at the car lights. After 10 mins or so it was gone. Haven't seen it since... I'm glad to hear you have more owls in your area.


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