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Oooh! Thank you Morag, very timely. They will make an excellent Valentine's gift for next week. :D


I had ordered some chocolate flavoured shower gel but stupidly gave it to him straight away. :oops::lol: So I didn't have anything.


Now I have - they're ordered already! Could be very useful for the new job he's going to get . . . interview in 30 minutes!

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Do men wear cufflinks anymore? DH doesn't and I don't think I know any

blokes, young or old, that do :shock:




My hubby wears cufflinks a lot, much prefers cufflinks on his sleeves than buttons :wink: . He does have to wear a shirt and tie to work each day, so he's got quite a collection of cufflinks now..............but having seen this link I'm seriously tempted to get him another pair 8)


He's not a jewellery man generally though, wears a wedding band and a watch, nd no other jewellery at all, except the cufflinks, perhaps they're his quiet way of expressing his flamboyant side :wink::lol::lol::lol:


This forum should come with a health warning though, "seriously damages your credit card". I'm now the proud owner of a steam cleaner, and am struggling with temptations for pasta makers and cufflinks, am dreaming of stained glass cockerels even though that is seriously out of budget so not too big a temptation, and am not at all tempted by thunderpants..............all thanks to this forum :shock::lol::lol::lol:

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My 11 year old son had to have a suit for his end of Year 6 ball last July. He enjoyed wearing his suit and cufflinks so much that he now has a bit of a collection. He saves up pocket money for them and also gets nice cufflink pressies from people. At the moment he has about 10 pairs ranging from sporty ones to little diamante ones.


We are going out tomorrow for Chinese New Year and he has already picked out the suit he is going to wear with the shirt, tie and cuff links.

That's more organisation than I've had the energy to do.

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