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Help-My chicken has just died in my arms

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You can just throw them in the bin but I suspect you don't want to do that. A lot of people bury them deep then put something heavy on the grave to stop foxes etc digging them up again.


I'm sorry about your girl. Must be even worse when you're not expecting it.


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Sorry to hear your sad news.


I went for the dustbin option when I lost my Amber. I have solid clay and its not easy to dig past a foot! I was upset knowing her body was in there until the bin men came.


I'd be interested to know about the bonfire option - I was worried it would smell like BBQ or roast chicken.

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Commiserations on losing your favourite - we lost our eldest girl (only 2, admittedly) a couple of weeks ago. I popped her into a black bag and then in a cardboard box, and DH took her to the vet's for disposal - our garden is very small and the soil isn't very deep (typical modern housing estate with compacted rubble covered by barely a foot of topsoil) so we couldn't bury her :(

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Thats so sad :cry:

I hope you find a way to dispose of her that you can feel comfortable with.

If you are going for cremation their will be a smell from the feathers,

but maybe you could do it at night when most people are indoors anyway, so you shouldn't get any complaints.

It's sad to lose a loved pet, but as someone mentioned before, much better she did not pass away alone.

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Oh dear, so sorry to read of your loss :(


My local council incinerate all black bag waste, so when I lost Pecky she was carefully wrapped up and went off for her council cremation. The heat from the furnaces is used as power and even the ash is used, so I know she has gone back to the land if only in a small way, and was useful in death as she was alive :)

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I'm sorry; its very upsetting when you lose a friend. :(


I'm afraid I put my dead hens into the dustbin. I didn't bury them, although perhaps I should have (dust to dust ...) as then they would return to the soil. But they will go into landfill no doubt and so will rot away and enrich the soil somewhere.


But if they are in landfill it will be along with a load of junk - so perhaps I will bury them in future.


Its a wierd old thought, they will be eaten by organisms etc. in the soil - maybe even worms. Do worms eat stuff like dead animals in the soil? If they do, it would be a quick cycle if they then, in turn, got devoured by another of my girls.


Anyway, lots of sympathy for your loss.

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