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You know those "Must Have" items?

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Some of you have seen my folder for my hen parties. Well I decided I MUST have another one and when I went to staples I found I could get a bargain out of them. Each folder costs £4.99 BUT there is a leaflet in store (like right on the display of the folders) to get £1 off and you can also get a free packet of 25 heavy duty plastic wallets with each folder which retail at £2.49 so suddenly the mega expensive folders are quite cheap.


The leaflet gives £1 off when you buy one of these folders and is 1 per transaction. So I bought one and James bought one (argue with that one staples!). For those who havn't seen them here they are.




They are thick heavy duty plastic (very eglu like!) with rubber joints so they won't break. Realy enviornmentally friendly as they should last a lifetime. Heres a linky to where they are on the staples website. http://www.staples.co.uk/ENG/Catalog/cat_skuset.asp?name=UK_SK_Staples%20Better%20Binders


Oh and Christian - there is an orange one........

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Thanks for that :D


The daughters have to take in every book,every day (which is ridiculous!), & therefore,because of the weight of all the books,they go through files like "Ooops, word censored!"odies business.


Looks like these may last more than 5 minutes before breaking :roll:

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My name is Olly and I'm addicted to stationery ... but I do know I'm not alone. One friend (she's a teacher) always has a pencil case in her handbag, and she goes weak at the knees when she sees coloured felt-tips, post-it notes in funky colours, and other stationery items. :wink:


These are really cool ... I don't really need a 'chicken' folder, but I love the way they come in Eglu colours!

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I am a teacher and I am addicted to stationary.


I got very overexcited when the stationary order was delivered to my classroom last week - my year 11's thought I was going to kiss the box....


My son wanted to make a puppet like his friends had out of a coloured in picture. He told me at bedtime on Thursday that it needed laminating - a moments panic ensued as I have left my laminator in my classroom. Then I remembered I have a spare one (cold lamination - great for banners!).


I also have two different kinds of binders in my study, a comb binder and a thermal binder. Oh and a trimmer.


Have any of you seen a jumbo pritt? They are to die for!!!

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When i was chairman of governors (and chair of pta) at my children's primary school, I was given a set of keys for the school............minus the key for the stationery store :roll::roll::roll: I was only allowed in their under supervision :wink::D:D


I used to turn up for meetings with a very impressive array of colour coordinated folders (much commented upon) in fact when the Head and I used to have our monthly meetings we would always to have admire each other's folder collection :roll::roll:


One of my best jobs ever, was working for the DTI - I was a Assistant to some of the 'topbods' when they moved parts of the Patent Office to Wales and I was in charge of their stationery needs. Imagine my joy when one day they decided they all wanted to trial filofaxes.................:D :D :D

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