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Avian Flu Joke

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Hope you all don't mind this - or the language - but it did make me laugh......... :lol:

(Mods - pls feel free to moderate if necessary, I realise this forum is open to all ages so put more stars in than the original version!)


A bear a lion and a chicken are talking about who's the hardest.


The bear says " when l roar the whole forset shakes"


The lion says "when l roar the whole jungle shakes"


The chicken says "all l have to do is cough and the whole world s****s itself"

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My husband just sent this to me today, though his version is slightly different and doesn't require *******!


A bear, a lion and a chicken are sitting talking about who is the hardest.


The bear says, "when I bellow the whole forest trembles with fear."


The lion says, "when I roar the whole jungle shakes with fear."


The chicken says, "when I sneeze the whole world goes mad!"

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