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Saffy is OK

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the vet had a look at her yesterday she is really bruised & has a sprained hip & wing, i am giving her some anti inflammatory drops in her water. I put her back into the eglu yesterday & she seems content to sit in the nesting box. she is going to need some TLC & OH is going to look after her for a week or so - Saffy & I will be recovering together. i am having an op on my ankle tomorrow so will be in plaster for 2 months. OH is a real softie really, he wanted nothing to do with the chickens but was so gentle with Saffy on Sunday & has been ringing up every day to see how she is.


Saffy is a very special girl, survived the battery cages & a fox attack, has still laid a couple of eggs which I did not expect, she was the smallest of the group & was picked on by the others but what a little tough guy.


I will get some more ex bats once she & I are recoverd.

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