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Woop woop exiciting weekend ahead!

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Well tomorrow we begin the process of car swapping. We are trading in 3 of ours for one better one. So firsty woop I will get some clear driveway.


And also its all exciting cause its a really nice straight recently resprayed and restored bay window camper van. The only thing not done to it is the interior. Which if anyone saw the pics I posted of the inside of my house before will know its something that I love to do. Me and my OH love DIY and interior design and are looking forward to plannings its fit out, from the layout, colour scheme right down to custom embroidery on the seats and all the little finishing touches (like a big flip down DVD player :D )


Love the fact that any random weekend when the weather is nice we can just jump onboard and go to cornwall or something for a weekend with the boys.

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Andyman's got a bay window camper van in the Garage at his parents.


Apparently it used to go once. He stripped it down years ago (before I met him and we've been together 8 years) ready to do up.


I remember taking the engine to Leesd to get stripped down or something and I remember picking it up (about 4 or 5 years ago). It's still in the same place in the garage. :roll:


I was promised a trip to Run To The Sun in it and i'm still waiting!

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Well this is the existing camper that we are exchanging for it


she is a real headturner so it will be sad to see her go. But fun to have a new project. We do Bug Jam normally, and yeah its fun to be part of the convoy.


If anyone is interested we are also selling this bug if anyone wants a fun summer car. Built by my other halfs own hands



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Wow how shiny is that Bug :shock: Lovely camper van, although not to my taste :oops: We used to have an orange VW campervan, not split window though :( I hate orange so we had it resprayed dark blue. We used to take the kids camping every year to France or Spain. The kids slept in the little pull out canvas beds over the double bed arrangement on the floor, one night my eldest son who occasionaly wet the bed, did, big time and soaked his parents who were sleeping below :evil: That was the last time we went camping :roll: Sold it and now we have a VW Caravelle, no cooking facilities but seats 7 and can carry virtually anything, I love it :)



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We have a purple bay window - when you have done your interior you can do ours - it needs a lot of tlc (and cash).


Its just been in for its MOT - its been away for a week to have a few jobs done - and I am looking forward to driving it home tomorrow after my hen party - even though the heat exchangers don't work and it'll be freezing.

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I definitely want to see pictures of your progress Cat! Sounds fantastic and I can't wait to see what you do with it! And that red Bug is just 8)8)8)8) I think I'm in love (but skint unfortunately, or I could be tempted :lol: )


My Dad has a VW camper van. OH and I have spent many happy holidays pootling around in it! :D

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