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do you think she's misses home already ?? UPDATED SHE'S HOME

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Well Charlie left for a weeks skiing trip with the school at lunchtime and so far I've had 3 texts and a phone call :D:D:D and that was only upto 6pm :wink:


She has been away before but that was only for 3 nights a few years ago - she does love home (and her snuggly bed complete with furry purry kitten) :D:D:D


Cooked her her favourite meal before she left - pork and apple meatballs in a bbq sauce with creamy mash. No proper meals now until they reach Austria in 22 hours .

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She'll soon be home, with a bag of dirty washing as big as she is! :lol:




Noooooooooo - I'm hoping to catch up with the washing and ironing whilst she's away. The child has the ability to wear every single item of clothing in a day - it's the leaving it on her bedroom floor for 2 weeks that makes it dirty :roll::D:D:D

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Well she's home....... :D:D:D:D


Got back at midday having left Austria at 6pm last night, the coach made good time travelling to the port in France and was able to get an earlier ferry.


She's had a great big curry for lunch and is now tucked up in bed sound asleep..........ahhhhhhh...... Even at 14 they look lovely when they're asleep :D:D:D


Oh and her arm is all strapped up :shock: :shock: and we've got a nice set of Austrian Xrays of her arm on a CD rom 8) 8)

It's not broken, just badly sprained. She can take the bandages off tomorrow :!::!:

She was most upset.........not at hurting her arm, but she missed the best dinner of week whilst going to the hospital :roll::roll::roll: Didn't spoil her holiday and she was able to carry on skiing OK :D

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