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I just thought you might be intersted in the before and after photos - these show them at POL before laying and today - all now laying - I think the comb size and colour development is well illustrated for those that want an example.



Bluebelle 19 weeks


Bluebelle 25 weeks


Blackrock 19 weeks


Blackrock 25 weeks


Light Sussex 29 weeks, other two girls 25 weeks


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They are gorgeous TAJ and funnily enough the exact same breeds that we're getting on Saturday!!!!! Except I'm not sure if ours is a bluebelle - the breeder calls them blues as he said he was contacted by the bluebelle people(?) and was told he couldn't call them that. And our daughter has already named the Blue 'Bella'! :D


Very handy to know what we're looking for comb-wise.

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Thank you for posting your photos it has given us a good idea how old our chickens are(19weeks ish) as the person we got them from didnt really seem to know as he was only delivering them.




I really like your black rocks-yours seems to have a lot of orange whereas ours don't.

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