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The Coupervegplot is nearly complete!

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Well I have just about finished the veggie plot and I am waiting for my 2 tonnes of topsoil to arrive to fill it up. I have been out this morning drilling loads of drainage holes through the concrete slab it sits on.


I made a minor mistake in building it out of pressure treated timber. I checked on tinterweb to find out what chemicals they use to treat the wood with and whether it can leach back out into the soil.


And of course one of the chemicals they use is "Ooops, word censored!"NIC :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:


Opinion seems to be divided on whether or not the said chemicals do leach back into the soil but I thought I best air on the side of caution, so I have double lined it with a pond liner so the wood won't be in contact with the soil. I think it will be Ok.


So if anyone is thinking of building one, use untreated wood! :doh:


I will post some pics when I find the camera!




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They look fantastic Kev, you have done really well 8)8)

(sorry if that sounds like me congratulating a 5 year old, not meant that way) :oops:


Really nice deep beds, perfect for carrots, tatties or whatever!


Roll on the warmer weather when we can all get planting :D:D

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It looks great Kev 8)


Take photos once a month to keep a record of how things look, & also some of what you pick too!


Re the wood - we used tannenised wood - is that the same as pressure treated ? :roll:

If so we grew & ate the veggies last year, with no damage as yet :lol:

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2 tonnes of topsoil later.............................50 or so wheelbarrow trips and tadaaaah! :D




I had about 3/4 tonne leftover so I dumped it all round the garden in little heaps, I am sure the girls will spread it about for me! :D


I think I might remove the fence panels and replace them with wire mesh so the raised bed gets more sun. That's one for another day!


I am suitably cream crackered, so I'm off for a pint or ten! :lol:



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wow!!! that looks great,


we used scaffolding boards but used a liner like you as well because it will stop the wood rotting so quickly and therefore it will last longer also it will stop the soil at the edges drying out (well thats the idea!!!)

i bought some cloches today so i am ready to go but i dont think i will think about doing much until after the storm just incase everything blows away.

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Severe weather warning for Monday Egluntine! :lol:


Lovely beds Kev, but Cathy will kill you when she sees the mess you've made. That is a man's idea of tidy, a woman would have swept the slabs, moved the glove, trimmed the edges of the black plastic so it was even all the way round and arranged the plant pots prettily! :lol::wink::wink:

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already done :lol::lol:


(actually, i came home, told kev how wonderful he was, then went for a run :D its really windy here tho, didnt do very well, walked most of the way :lol: )


oh, that glove has been in the greenhouse for ages :oops: , I wont pick it up as its probably got spiders in it :oops::shock: dont like em




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what is it with girls and spiders?


Do you prefer flies?


I love spiders, Beatles, Bees, flutterbuys, ladybirds, millepedes, centepedes, nematoades, toads, frogs, and hedgehogs and of course

velocorapators :D:D


Oh I forgot to mention the Newts




Edit: I only managed eight pints, hic

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I don't mind spiders - I did a degree in zoology then worked in urban ecology for a while, and a lot of that involved looking at butt-ugly things through a microscope! :shock:


I still pull my feet up onto the sofa when I see a big house spider run across the carpet, because I don't like the idea of it potentially running up my leg, but that's about the extent of my dislike.


Now, daddy-long-legs I really don't like - long dangly legs and they fly as well - yuk!

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Looks really good Kev - hows the back ;)


Just spent the last few hours reclaiming my veg plots from the "laydees" and digging it over and digging in a bit of compost.


Started off my seedlings and hopefully will get the spuds in next weekend :D


I love this time of year - just cautious as we lost everything last year :cry:




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Wow, your raised bed looks fantastic!


I am thinking of doing one this year (need to get a move on) as I have limited flower bed space and I thought it would be a bit easier to keep the chickens out of.


I think I might go for a ready made one as I am not great with DIY and tools, but can manage flat pack assembly. Does anyone have any tips? Pros and Cons of plastic v wood?


My garden is tiny so it will just be a small plot, any advice about what depth it should be or what works well in them?






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