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Good Morning all,

This is where i confirm all expectations of my chicken keeping, i read in another post about . ." but don't use string" will chickens peck through the really heavy duty impossible almost to cut string unless with really sharp blade. Do they eat it? can it ba harmful . .i hung a whole broccoli up in their run with string & secured their 2 new perches with string . .. .oooh dear.!! :shock:

What does everyone use if not string?


Many Thanks


Ms Tilysillyusingstring



(Bluebelle) CORDELA (white chicken) BODECIA




(cube green):oops:

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I use trainer laces 8) They have been in use for nearly 3 years in the chicken run and are still in good condition. They are easy to undo when you want to remove the uneaten stalky bit of the broccoli or cabbage.


I did try string but the hens pecked at it when they were trying to get at the cabbage and the string went all stringy, although I don't think it would them any harm :? I suppose it could get stuck in their crops if they pulled off long bits :?


BTW, Hello, I don't think I have talked to you before :oops:

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I use a metal kebab skewer with a looped handle at one end for tying garden wire to it and hanging it up. Very easy to skewer a whole cabbage, corn on the cob, apple etc, then tie it up. I have to have the tip of the skewer just touching the floor of the run otherwise it swings around to much and might end up knocking one of them out :shock::D

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I use string - never occured to me not to :roll::lol:


I have a screw loop at both end,one screws into a piece of wood,the other screws into the corn/brocolli/cabbage, so it swings about as they try to peck at it.


It keeps them amused for ages...........................

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I am afraid it was me :silenced: who said about the string. I have never used it ever since a vet and I read in a book that chickens can nibble and swallow string. It is really bad for there innards. Also - if you ever see a chicken with string hanging out of its mouth. NEVER pull it - but cut it.

I use the thin chain that you can buy (by the metre) cheaply from B and Q.

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