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I suppose I feared the worst when I went out to check this morning after we'd had such horrendous weather in the night - but I was unhappy to find that there was a biggish puddle in the nesting box.


I know people have had problems in the past and I don't have my chickens yet, but I am disappointed. :cry:


Ms Tily if you're reading this I think you may have a good market for those Cube covers you were talking about. I certainly would want to lay an egg on a damp nest (if I was that way inclined!!) :(


I will try and tip it forward a bit as I read on here that someone had done that and it worked, any more ideas from anyone please - or am I expecting too much? Did anyone else's leak?

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Oh no was hoping this was an old problem :cry: Just ordered my cube this morning....... Oh well thankfully we are going to build our own fixed run so will probably put the cube under roofing. Shame though for so much money. Hope you find a solution (tipping etc.) such that it doesn't leak again - this is horrible weather.


At least chickens weren't in yet :D




No chickens yet.

Run still to be built.

(cube orange) due to arrive 26/3/08

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I've just been out when I got home from work, it's just a bit worse than it was this morning, so it's not like it's a torrential deluge of water.


I can see where it's gone in; there's a hole at the end of one of the rain channels at the back of the lid on the right hand side, it's been dripping in thru there :(


I'm hoping to have a built in run for it to go in eventually but after paying out for the cube I'll need to start saving again for a little while yet!!


Thanks for the replies, hopefully not too many have been affected then :)

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Dan :D

If I were in your position I would be doing the same as you.

I don't think anyone on here,especially those of us who have got to know you (in a virtual sense 8) ) think you are complaining without very just cause in any way at all.

You keep at it & I am sure the boys will be able to sort something for you soon. Or I hope they will,anyway.

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I feel really lucky that we put our cube together ourselves and it doesn't leak. I was expecting it to but it seemd to fit together pretty well, though having read about other peoples experiences it seemed to be a really tight fit in places. Dan. I do think you should keep complaining to Omlet. They really shouldnt think that just because some cubes don't leak they can get away with not replacing the ones that do, and that is what i think you should be asking for at this stage having had it leak for so long now. Make do measures to keep your girls dry after you spent such a lot of money on it should not be an answer. Keep at it :D:D

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We have our cube coming on monday. I didnt really want a cube (cos i love my eglus) but we are getting one, anyway im not really confident in this purchase after hearing about the leaking :anxious: . I totally agree with you Dan that its just not acceptable for you to buy a cube and you have to "put up with it" leaking, its a lot of money and seeing as you reported problems last year I really think Omlet need to address your issues immediately. :)


If my cube leaks its going straight back. I've spent a lot of money with Omlet (as we all have) and I adore their products but I wont accept faulty ones. :roll:

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If my cube leaks its going straight back. I've spent a lot of money with Omlet (as we all have) and I adore their products but I wont accept faulty ones. :roll:


We feel exactly the same. Any problems and they are going straight back. I have upgraded for 2 reasons - the extra space, although possibly a third eglu would have solved that, but mainly my back has a habit of spasming when I try lifting the eglu shells on and off (old car accident injury) - now that is absolutely fine when Andy is here, but with him being away so much, it is a bit of a problem :oops:


I'm with the others on this one Dan - there must be all sorts of consumer rights and guarantees involved - I think it is time you 'demanded' a replacement one, and I mean a brand spanking new one, not a reconditioned one.


Meanwhile I am ever more apprehensive about the arrival of ours :anxious:

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I agree Dan, you need to keep on at them about this. Your nest box situation sounds horrendous! I certainly wouldn't be happy with it! I am very happy with mine - who knows why some leak and some don't, maybe I am lucky and it is fairly sheltered, no idea. But if people don't complain and follow it through, Omlet will never be able to rectify the problem.

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moomin, on our cube if you follow the water from the roof it runs through the drain hole and into a channel in the back panel. From the channel it is supposed to leave through the hole at the back, however there is nothing to stop the water flowing past the hole at the back and straight down on to the metal bracket that holds the side panel to the base of the cube. From the bracket the water bounces with half falling out the back of the cube and half going into the nesting box. That is the design fault. The channel in the back panel needs to be enclosed so that water has no escape except through the hole at the back of the cube.




Sorry I've only just had a look and read your reply!!


I think that's exactly where mine is leaking. I tried to look this aft when I got in from work to find exactly the source of the leak but everything was wet and cold and bedraggled including me so I just got fed up and came in.


I do feel the same as you. We should ALL be complaining about the leaks after having spent £600. But you are right everyone seems to rate omlet so much that in the end you feel like if you can't beat them join them.


My husband was trying to suggest ways of fixing it bless him but I know he's really thinking christ that's 600 quid down the drain. I felt quite embarrassed to be honest. I thought of stuffing a cloth in the hole, or making a cover ideas too.


I guess I'm lucky as I haven't got my chooks yet so effectively I could send it back and ask for a replacement. I'm hoping that it's this diverse weather that's making it worse and once it calms down it won't be so bad but I'm not holding my breath!


I feel very sorry for you anyway, having put up with it for so long.


Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

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Hi Egluntine!!


Thanks for the tip I thought it might be wrong but I didn't have the energy to investigate after having a very bad day!!


My hubby and I have been having a chat tonight after reading Dan's and the other posts on this thread. I am going to call omlet tomorrow and am sending it back. I was going to put up with it but after thinking about it I know I will never be happy and will be worrying about the chickens all the time when it rains.


I'm still within the 30 day guarantee period so I'm going to order an Eglu and put the refunded money towards a permanent run so that in time I can have a few more chooks.


You might be lucky and get one that doesn't leak. We've only had it up 8 days we put it up on Mother's Day :(


I haven't sent this to Omlet, I don't reckon it will help else they would have sorted Dan's.

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I have an irritating minor leak in the nest box, like others. This morning though it was soaked, obviously due to the bad weather. Not very good is it? When I complained (a while ago) I was told that the nesting box should remain dry, although I wasn't given a solution and couldn't be bothered to ask for one (had made several complaints about leaks already and Omlet had replaced almost every panel which improved things). Why can't they give us a solution to this? It's clear that a significant number of us have this problem so I don't understand why they haven't been working on a modification :(

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Daniel, don't feel wrong about telling everyone about your leaking cube, Omlet should really be sorting this out.


They have offered solutions and a new panel - its still not right so they should be prepared to replace it for new - classing that as faulty goods. Everything that is manufactured has 'seconds'


Keeping fighting your cause, I woud be if mine was like yours



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:? Dan, this is the first time that you have described exactly what the water does, and it is indeed exactly what happened on mine last May/June.


However, I described it precisely on 2 or 3 topics on this forum and you have never acknowledged my posts, even though I've been the only person who has given a detailed outline of the exact point of weakness.


It is a design glitch that the channel drops the water down through "thin air" into (supposedly) the final drainage hole. As it goes down, without any tubing or pipe to contain it, the force means that some of it hits the metal bracket and therefore trickles (or flows in a downpour) into the nest box.


This is the first time I've seen you talk about the bracket etc, even though I've said this from the start.


So, not everyone ignores the issue (someone ignores the detailed replies :wink: ).


Well, OK it shouldn't be wrong, and I'm not sure whether this has been addressed at all or not with new ones ( :? Moomin?)


I wish you lived down the road so I could pop & see yours, Dan & Debs.


But, like you, I love the Cube & really want it to work.


I didn't think you've ever responded to my suggestion of ensuring that the "weak" corner of the Cube is slightly higher than the others.

This has worked for me ever since, having it tilted forwards downhill slightly, it has been bone dry ever since.


I'd rather sort out the problem than wait for Omlet to send a seal (James!)or replacement, and I think it's terrific.

You mustn't put up with a wet nest box though. I would have gone back to Omlet if I couldn't solve it myself, but I'm relatively happy with this outcome.


Good luck with yours. :)

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:D Thanks Dan, that was a quick reply!


It really is worth seeing if you can just angle it a bit, so the Cube slopes downwards slightly at the front. Only a fractional move is needed, not a garden landscape.

Not ideal I know, but easier than a raincover & much better than a wet nest.



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This is how bad it gets; up in the night (peering at the screen without me specs on :? ), wondering whether i'm doing the right thing by sending it back!! I love my cube, it looks great in my garden, it's easy to open it for cleaning (without bending down) and it has lots of good space for chickens. But it's the first Omlet product I've had so I've got nothing to go on; maybe i'd be just as happy with an ordinary Eglu.


Sheila I haven't physically stood and watched the rain coming in as Dan has, but I'm pretty sure the same problem is happening to mine as is happening to Dan's, and yours, with the water hitting and bouncing off the bracket. So it obviously hasn't been addressed with new ones.


The trouble is mine's on block paving so i can't tilt it forward, unless i can devise some sort of wedge/chock thingy to go under the wheel, like they do with caravans to get them level (only in this case I want to get it 'un-level'!)!!


What should i do? persevere or send it back? It's brand new and unused and up until today i was so excited about filling it with some chooks :(


Thanks for sending the link Egluntine :)


Goodnight all goin' back 2 bed now :?

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Sorry about the way I am trying to reach you, but I don't know the proper way to send you a message.


I asked the forum about a picture I saw on here of a run with a PVC 'skirt' around it and a few people answered and said that it was your run.


Would you mind telling me how you made the skirt and what you used etc, because it looks like the solution to our messy hemcore problem around the run. It kills the grass around the run as it all piles up on it.


Thanks very much...

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Sorry SueChick if you're trying to reach Dan and your post above gets lost but I just need to let everyone know about the latest news.


I called Jan at Omlet this morning who was very helpful. She suggested I try and stick with the Cube as I really like it and someone from Omlet is coming to see it on 9th April - this is the earliest they can do and I guess it's because I'm in Swindon that they can offer this service. The Omlet man is bringing some spare parts - I think she mentioned a back panel - and will take a look to see if the problem can be rectified on site. He is also bringing an Eglu incase I decide that this is the best way to go as I said that although I really like the cube I know that other people on the forum have had problems and I'm very dissappointed that this leakage problem still exists, I would feel more at ease with an Eglu as there are no complaints about those as far as I know. (plus my OH is livid that we've spent so much money !! :evil: )


If I decide to go for the Elgu then they will refund me the difference, meanwhile I have to send Omlet some photos of the Back panel/roof and sides of the cube which will help them assess the problem, hopefully, and bring the correct bits.


I guess I'm OK with this plan as at least they are trying to do something about it, and as I haven't yet got my chickens it won't affect anything too much.


Dan if you're reading this Jan also said that as far as they (Omlet) are aware all the outstanding issues with leakages are now resolved so it may be worth you contacting them again if it's a good while since you raised it?


I was concerned that I'm almost at the 30 day guarantee stage, this is up on Friday, but Omlet said that as this is classed as faulty goods that they will waive it (that's the least I would expect to be honest!).


BTW, I dried it out last night and had a look this morning but as it hadn't rained here it was still dry. However I held a watering can over it and the nest box was flooded out. (I know this isn't a very good representation of how rain would fall though!!) It's pouring again now so I will have a look when I get home.


Sorry for length of this post :shock:


Thanks for all your advice

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That is interesting Moomin...thanks for the update.


Let us know what happens won't you?




Suechick....send Dan a PM.


Click the PM button at the bottom of the page and write a message.


Next time he logs on it will go into his Inbox.

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