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Martin B

Homemade Soup

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Martin, try getting a look at the Covent Garden Soup Company cook book. I think you can find some of their recipes on line. every one i have made has been simple and a winner. Try the courgette and brie soup (sounds weird, add garlic, fantastic!) or the Lentil and Lemon soup which is amazing!

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Soup's so forgiving, I simply boil up and blend whatever veg I have around :roll: Frighteningly easy and invariably tasty.

I've got a delicious and very simple beetroot soup recipe.... but I'm too tired to dig it out right now... I'll try & post it tomorrow.

First I have to quell a riot at home........ then I'm going to bed :shock:

Night all :wink::D:D

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I'll second that.


I get veg delivered from Riverford and make a soup with whatever is left over and bung in some garlic and whatever herbs I'm in the mood for.


I blitz it up a bit but leave quite a few big bits in for a rustic style scummy meal served with a big wedge of warm homebaked (thank you breadmaker!) bread. Yum yum.

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I have 4 favourate soups


1. 3 bean chilli soup: 1 can toms, 1 can mixed salad beans, 1/2tsp chilli, 1 beef stock cube, 1tsp basil, 1 tsp origano.. all chucked in a pan and warmed through


2. leek and potato: 2 large leeks, 2 potatoes, 1 onion, 1 pint of milk. cube everything.. cook in milk untill tender, blend half of it to thicken soup


3. creamy watercress soup: 1 large bunch of watercress, 1 cellery stick, 1 large potato. 1/2 pint milk. simmer potato and cellery in a little water, mash and add milk and chopped watercress.. warm through and blend.


4. chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup (see my site.. meals.asp )

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I LOVE carrot and orange - we had it as the starter at our wedding reception.


The chef at one of the pubs I worked in used to do curried turnip soup - sounds foul, but it was delicious!

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We love lentil and chickpea soup flavoured with Indian spices.

First fry onions in a little olive oil, then fry off the following powdered spices - ginger, tumeric, cumin, coriander, some chilli, then I add at least 6 whole cardamon (I just love the taste) .

Next add washed red split lentils, tin of chickpeas, tin of toms and bring to boil then simmer until lentils cooked.


Blitz it all together - loads of helpings.


Garnish with fresh coriander and eat with crusty bread.


Kids love it - well the dipping of the bread into it after they have removed the green stuff!


Enjoy :P

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Martin,another really good book is "Soup Kitchen",which is by various chefs....all their favourite soup recipes!


A good tip is to get your mum to save a chicken carcuss for you after a roast,& boil it up for a couple of hours with some celery & onion.

Then hook out all the bones (there will be lots of tiny ones) & use this as a base to a soup or use it as stock.

It makes a HUGE difference to the flavour of any soup or casserole you make.

I did one yesterday & got 4 pots of wonderful soup base for my freezer :P


My favourite home made soup is minestrone..........and I think I posted a recipe for a simple minestrone that Devon made at school in the recipes sticky (although I may be wrong!)

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this is my recipe for really easy cream of (appropriate vegetable soup). you'll need a blender, cos pureeing takes forever otherwise...

one smallish jacket potato, peel cut into chunks and cover with water, add good quality stock cube, i use vegetable one. boil for about 10 min, add chopped veg. make sure evrything is still covered, boil another ten min. leave to cool down a little so you don't scald yourself as boiling hot chunks plop into liquid, and pour into blender, blend. return to pot, and heat through. dish up, add adollop of creme fraiche, yogurt, or cream to each serving and pronkle with fresh herbs, if available. this makes 1-2 servings and can be done start to finish in under 1/2 hour. nice veg i like broccoli, asparagus (use cut off ends and peel), or tomato. i like the tomato with sweet potato instead of jacket. i usually try to balance amount of veg to be equal to potato. thinking of it... that would make a good lunch... *walks off to find what veg might be hiding somewhere*

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About 6 months ago, after deciding to have chickens (still not got them, but anytime soon) I also decided to grow veg this year, well on the way to doing this I hope, i also started to become a better shopper and cook, so no more ready meals, shoppped at proper shops not supermarkets wherever I can etc. Part of being a better cook, was that every week we have a homemade soup night, I try to do a different one each week usually vegetarian, as my 2 daughters are veggie, and it has quickly become the most popular night of the week for the family, even my teenage daughter and boyfriend wont miss "soup night"! I have just started to accompany the soup with homemade bread, another hit, don't have time to bake all our bread, unfortuantely I have to work full time, which gets in the way!!!I have a Womens Institute book of soups and just worked through it, favourites are minestrone, courgette and brie, red pepper and goats cheese, creamy carrot.

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I get the kids to make butter, while I make bread. They absolutely love the fact that they can make something like that, and we were all surprised to see how easy it was!

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I have resurrected this thread because I made nettle soup on Monday. It was delicious! :D


I gathered up a bagful of nice young nettle leaves (with gloves on of course!) from the Hills and Holes near Stamford (Kate will know!) and made the soup in exactly the same way as watercress soup. In fact the end result was very similar, with the added satisfaction of cooking with ingredients foraged from the hedgerow!!


HFW has his recipe in the River Cottage Cookbook - although I don't go along with his use of rice or rice cakes to thicken soups because it alters the flavour of the lovely fresh ingredients. Nettle soup will definitely be made again in my house!!:D

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did a search for nettle soup to see if anyone had made it on here and found this thread.


I made some yesterday and we had it for lunch today, it was delicious! If you hadn't made any, you don't know what you're missing! :D


It had a slight mushroomy/peppery taste, it tasted of the woodland is the best way I can describe it but totally delish! :D








1 onion

1 big leek

about 4-5 cloves of fresh garlic, crushed

2 stalks celery


chop and sweat the veg off in a big k"Ooops, word censored!" of butter then add a couple of chopped spuds, 2 (organic) chicken stock cubes and about a carrier bag sized bag of nettle leaves (washed).


Just use the topmost leaves of the plant and remove the leaves from the stalk, wear sturdy gloves, I got stung even thru rubber gloves!


Top up with enough water to cover and simmer for about 45 mins, leave to cool a bit then blitz with a stick blender.


Season to taste, you can add a bit of cream just before you serve. Eat with crusty bread and butter, yum!

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