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New Silent Auction in aid of the Battery Hen Welfare Trust

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OK, it's about time we had another auction for the BHWT! My fingers have been itching, so here we have three, yes THREE very plain cotton shopping bags that have been given the Snowy treatment and appliqued with a cute chicken made from recycled fabric.


The way it works is: PM me with your bid and I will tell you whether or not you are one of the three high bidders. If you are outbid, I will let you know and you have the option to bid again if you want. The three highest bidders will each get one bag. ALL money raised will go to the BHWT.


Bidding will end at 9pm, Saturday 19th April.


Here they are:









Happy Bidding! 8)

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ooooh... they're so lovely...


To tell the truth I have only one worry about pm'ing a bid, especially for such lovely made stuff... I'm worried about being insulting with a bid way below everybody else's!!

Will try anyway, but feeling bit nervous about it, not having the faintest idea how such homemade things are fairly priced...

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Ok that's it, auction ended.

Many, many thanks to all those that bid, I feel extremely flattered at the response and am delighted that we have raised a STONKING amount of dosh for the BHWT! 8)


I will PM the winners, it is up to them if they want to announce themselves here. :lol:

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