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Sarah B

Some Pics of my Girls....

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Thank you for your replies I think my hens are lovely!


Please will a moderator tell me how to make pics smaller? I really cant do it in Photobucket I chose the message board tags and they come out like this? What am I doing wrong?



You might wanna try this image resizer. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx


Click on the link-scroll down & you will see Image resizer on right side and download the small program.Once installed-all you do is right click on your picture and resize it to whatever takes your fancy.I use it all the time and its dead easy!

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what are those wooden bars for in the run in the picture with the snow??


They are some perches so the girls can sit off the ground if they want to. We just got a long piece of dowling from B&Q and cut in in half.


The girls use them quite a bit :D

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Hi Sarahboo,


Thanks for posting the pics - they are lovely girls! The one of them in the snow not sure what to do is well funny :lol:


They look happy on the bark chip don't they. I'm still deciding what to do on that front. :?


Bless em :D


S xx

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