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New smitten chicken owner

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I’m another new chicken owner thanks to this forum. I would never have had the courage to do it if it wasn’t for all the advice and help that everyone provides. So thank you all.


I’ve got 6 chickens (I only intended on buying 4!) Two Ginger Rangers (Fred and Ginger), two Light Sussex (Edith and Ron - named after Hubby’s favourite Aunt and Uncle who lived in Sussex) and two Bluebelles (Mabel and Annie). Despite their names they are all girls. So far (two weeks – not long I know) I have had no pecking problems and they all seem to get along well muttering and clucking to each other. So I’m keeping fingers crossed that it will stay that way.


When we let them free range for the first time I was a little bit worried they would just wonder off as we have an extended garden with no fencing. They were very inquisitive and started to make their way purposefully towards the woods. Trying not to panic I called them in “took took” chicken language and to my surprise they turned round and ‘flew’ back to me - made a mental note that (when I can catch them) a bit of wing clipping would not go amiss!


We now spend each evening sitting outside wrapped up against the cold with a glass of wine (any excuse) so the girlies can have a free range wander. Hubby, who wasn’t keen on me getting them and thought I was a bit bonkers, actually said he really enjoys watching them (we must get out more!!)


We have already had a fox right up to the run scaring the girls into a corner – luckily the ark and run are completely fox-proof so no casualties and the girls seem to have taken it in their stride. It is a myth that rural foxes do not appear during the day and that they are more timid. This fox was 10 feet from my back door when I shouted it just looked at me as if to say “what?” and then slowly walked away with two fingers in the air!


The girls are on our patio at the moment but I plan to put the ark and run onto the grass for the summer surrounded by electric fencing so they can have a save free range without me having to stand guard the whole time.


Mabel looks as though she will be the first to lay and I cannot believe how excited I am about my first egg! Hubby reckons I will lay an egg before any of the chickens!! :roll:


My first attempt at pictures so I hope they have worked. I have made them the recommended size but they look huge in the preview so apologies to the moderators and advice gratefully received.







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Hi and welcome from another relative newbie. Your girls look lovely, I expect, like me , you've found both the chickens and this forum are so addictive you aren't getting much done, you wait until they start laying - I've been known to stand and watch the coop for over an hour if I think one of mine is laying their first egg ! :lol:

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Congratulations Gamebird. They look lovely healthy girls - and big!! I only got mine on Thursday I can't stop watching them either - along with the occasional glass of wine on a sunny afternoon!! :oops:


Don't know what I shall do tomorrow as have to go back to work and leave them, after being on holiday for a week!! :cry::cry::cry:

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they look great!

Ive only just let my 6 start free ranging in the garden this last couple of days. although i am 99.9% certain we do not have foxes round here i am constantly standing guard. if i nip into the kitchen i have to look out every minute or so and have a quick headcount, its worse than having kids!

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Wow! Thank you for all your replies. This evening all the girls are now grabbing treats from our hands and one or two will let us stroke them.


I would never have thought that the antics of a few chickens would have held such fascination. They are just so amusing.


Can they eat too many grapes? They absolutely love them and I love the way they will take them from your hand and then dart away followed by the others in hot pursuit.


Housework, who needs housework when you have chickens!!

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You'll find out in the morning if you have given them too many grapes! they may have dodgy poos! Try getting a spade and digging a hole and see what happens! ours go mad sitting in the hole and digging for worms. Take a look at our pics and you will see them hanging around. You've got very pretty girls there. :D

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