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New Brown Eglu What Do You Think?

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well, it might be nice for a more natural look... i was apalled at the colour choices, i mean having a giant pink, orange, yellow, etc bubble in your garden might be nice for kids or to cheer you up on a grey day, but i was really hoping for something that might sorta blend in, so i went for the green, and its not exactly a subtle colour. but i have a small garden and a bright eglu would just take over....

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I did see the glug and grub when I was at Omlet last week and it's def. chocolate colour. I might consider it :lol:


You kept that quiet Lesley !!! :lol::lol::lol:


I like the colour in the newsletter,but not so much in the photo posted on the nesting box thread.

I am sure it will have male appeal :D

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I think the omlet guys have spent too long reading certain sections of the forum and have decided that our favourite colour is chocolate brown :wink:


Actually I think it will fill a gap in the range for people who want a discrete colour to blend into the garden. If the new mark 3 is a lot bigger then they may well have decided they had to have a quiet wood coloured colour, and are trialing it with mark 2

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Richard and Jo Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 8:39 pm




we have 2 kids and not enough garden for another eglu - unfortunately



My cunning plan for this is to sells the children.


This way you free up more of the garden and can fund your new eglu :wink:

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