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Pick a name!

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Launcelot Gobbo


'gob' for short :shock::lol:


I taught a student a few years back Ginette and she was called Martha. I loved her name, but to add to it, she was such a lovely young girl. Makes a difference when you know someone that's lovely. I went to school with an Esther. It must be an unusual name as the next time I heard it was when I met Sheila on here, many years later, as her daaughter is an Esther too.


I have a sixth sense - it's going to be a boy though....you never know Kate - Darren might take a fancy to Gobbo - :lol:


We threw antoher name in the pot last night - Francis John


Errr.....Kate - I seem to have highjacked your post????? I have no idea how I did this, but it looks rather silly, as I am answering Ginette's post before she has posted, and replying to you in your own post, and your post has gone completely. People will wonder what I'm on about :?:roll:

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Martha is on our list.


One of my daughters is called Martha and I really love it! Martha Annabelle :D


Incidentally, when she was born she went into special care and there was another Martha there as well! 2 out of 3 babies called Martha! Since then I have met several young Marthas.


My DD3 is an Esther and I haven't come across many of those. But I like it! Esther Catherine :D


I like Abigail too, I don't think anyone's mentioned that on this thread!

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Sorry Kate & Ginette - my reply should have been here.....oh dear....I realy have got cauliflower for brains. Time for another lie down I think. I'm not even going to try to attempt to re-do the postings otherwise I might delete the whole forum :lol:


(it does look Like I have special powers and can reply to a post before it is posted though :wink: )

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Martha is on our list. I'm a huge Tom Waits fan and he did the most beautiful song called Martha


Oh, I love the name Martha too - OH and I really wanted it for our DD but the children's surname is McCarthy and Martha McCarthy sounds just awful! :?


Loved the name Arthur for a boy, but had to reject that for the same reason!


Would never have had both an Arthur and a Martha though :shock::shock::D



Cookie. xx

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Verity is nice Thalia... :)



But i do like Arther and Martha, Cookie! hee hee!!


We like Jack and Jill too!


A friend of mine always liked the name Adam. She got married to Mr Adams, so Adam Adams was a definate no no! :lol:


Clare - when my Grandad was alive he always got the Grand National and the World Cup spot on.....I'm tuning in now....get back to you.... :wink:

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Go for Italy - my 'home town'! 8)

Errrr.... it may have escaped your notice Clare, but Italy isn't a 'town'. :roll: You haven't gone blonde again, have you? :wink:

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Did you know a teacher is NOT aloud to talk about any of it's pupils outside the school grounds! :P


But teachers are allowed to correct spellings and grammar and should not be referred to as 'it' (and you don't need an apostrophe in its)!


My daughter signs herself 'Marfa' sometimes :)


When she was little, a 5 year old friend of DD1 insisted to her mother that Rebecca's little sister was called 'Arthur'! No matter how much her mother asked about a possible brother, she remained adamant that she was called 'Arthur'! :lol:

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Gina, Isnt it annoying when everyone has an opinion of your choice of names! Don't tell them until its too late!


No one in my family apart from one brother liked Ethan. I got 'oh, thats .... unusual .... why an American name?' I had to gently inform anyone that it is in fact a biblical name.


and like so many others, you can see I never got my first choice of name for my children either! :lol:

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