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Pick a name!

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I grew up longing to be 18 so I could change my name. By the time I got to 18 I liked it and wouldn't have dreamt of changing it.


When I fell pregnant we decided that if we had a girl then I would name her and if it was a boy then James would do the honours. As it was we found out that we were going to have a girl and James decided on the name :roll:


It's a previously common name (my grandad said they have 3 friends called Esme) that is easy to spell and pronounce but not so common now.


Esme is a Scottish name (hense no accent and pronounced Esmee rather than Esmay) derived from ancient French for 'loved.'


My name 'Thalia' (pronounced Ta-lee-ah) is from greek mythology and is one of Zeus's 9 daughters and is the muse of comedy. She also features in the popular statue reproduced for gardens 'The Three Graces.'


Davey Jones's (lead singer of The Monkey's) daughter is also a Thalia but is pronounced differently.


Here is a great website for those wondering how popular your chosen names are. There are 295 registered Thalias on it. Have fun 8)



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Great site Thalia...


Names are so hard. We are pretty traditional peope, so I think our names won't include anything too unusual - when we decide.


Darren had a Welsh uncle called Austin who died recently. He was such a lovely man. He would be a great person to name a son after. His wife was also lovely. She was called Edie, but I'm not so keen on Edith.


Some great suggestions there! Please carry on! :D

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Lizzy's friend's mum is called Devon - I hadn't heard of it until I met her(although I did work with a man called Kent some years ago!) One of my friends has a lovely little daughter called Summer.


If I had a boy, he would be called Gabriel or Finn. (A friend of mine thinks that's only because I like Neil Finn!!) :?:oops:

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I think favoured names come & go.My friends boy is called Eden,which I love.

I like the names India for a girl & Roman for a boy.


I think those are all lovely names too Sarah - we must have similar taste! I know a gorgeous little boy called Roman - the name is so unusual but really suits him.


My daughter has an Eden in her class at Nursery - but the Eden is a girl, rather than a boy. Nice name either way. :D


Cookie. xx

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Rosamund/Rosemarie/Rosa anything rosy really








Oswald (not really!)


Years ago when I worked at Cuffley camp where east end schoolchildren went for camping holidays I met black twins who were called Kidderminster and Ulysses!


And also, after I had sent OH off to the vets to be Seen To after Child 3, that night I dreamed that I was pregnant with a fourth, a girl, and I had decided to call her Jennifer May. I cried all the next day, what a drip eh.


This is a great thread, lots of fun. Modern names make me feel very middle aged...

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I quite like Melanie :oops: I have suggested it to all my friend but most of them (without thinking :roll: ) go "oh no :shock: " :cry:


Hey why? My 2nd daughter is called Melanie, my first one Fiona and my son's name is Serge Geoffrey

Well I wanted Dorian but hubby wasn't keen on it. We did have the dilemma to need names that sounded good in German, English and French


You should hear the names over here. Camille, Ludmilla, Marie-Noëlle, Marie-Hélène, Marie-Thérése, Marie-Claude, Viviane, Estelle, Carole,Ada, etc. etc. all girls how about any of those names :wink:

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My Girls have unusual names (Devon & Cleo),but when you have a name as common as Sarah you strive for something a little more memorable for your offspring :?

Both would have been called Spike if either were boys.


I think favoured names come & go.My friends boy is called Eden,which I love.

I like the names India for a girl & Roman for a boy.


But thats me :?


I am currently thinking of cat names for my new arrivals.....we think Chilli & Teasel :P

Sarah,I love the name Teasel for a cat,I dont know why but it reminds me of a cheeky cat.

I also love the books called Brambly hedge and it has little mice Characters,one of the Characters is called baby Teasel the mouse (very cute) :D

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I know identical twins called Marie-Elise and Marie-Helene. Their mother is french and called Marie-Therese. Apparently it's traditional in her family, and everyone is called Marie something, but only the second part is used, so Elise and Helene aren't too similar. Hadn't reckoned with us english types, and now has two confusingly named identical daughters!

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I once worked with a girl called Sarah Jo, who had 3 sisters called Sarah Louise, Sarah Jane and Sarah Anne. I used to think it was quite strange that someone would give all 4 children what is basically the same name, but now that I have 3 of my own, I frequently find myself going through every name (including the dogs!) before I get to the correct one when (on the rare occasion) I shout.


It goes like this: BarrOwCaitBust....DUNCAN!!!!!

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Having taught so many children, most names have an association for me (usually bad) so I would go for

Martha or

Felix (yes really :oops: )

OH would choose

Sodoff (Do you remember that from Blackadder: Baldrick's immortal line???)




Now you know why we have no intentions of having any children!!

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Arr...thanks Louise!


Annie - Martha is on our list. I'm a huge Tom Waits fan and he did the most beautiful song called Martha., and Darren loves the name. He also did one called Rosie....which is lovely too.


not sure about the Blackadder link :?

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