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Just call me Biggles

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are you the Russ Abbott (for those old enough to remember) of the Omlet list?




or are you the Roy Chubby Brown (for those who need to seek psychiatric help) of the omlet list?





me... I'm Lord Flasheart from Blackadder... :wink: (let's doo-oo-ooo-oo-ooo-ooo it! woof!)






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Ahhh - I wondered if this forum would unearth another Red Dwarf fan!


Ace Rimmer: Cat old friend. Is that a new suit you're wearing? Why, it's sharper than a page of Oscar Wilde witticisms that have been rolled up into a point, sprinkled with lemon juice and jabbed into someone's eye.


I must get the DVD sets one day...



Phil 8)

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