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Mel (& Paul)

Dorset's newest arrivals

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Very quickly


We have just got back from Devon with four lovely ex battery hens.


The trip down was horrible (what it is to live in lovely counties like Devon and Dorset that everyone wants to visit on a nice day :roll: ) = 3 hours


But we made it, picked up the girls and had a good journey back.

They are all ensconced in their new blue eglu, scratching and pecking at the ground and stretching.


They can see the other seven through the fence and have had their first encounter with the woggles (lots of very indignant clucking - perhaps they should all be Margot1 Margot2 Margot3 and Margot4!!!


We are off out tonight and staying with my parents (a long arranged thing) but are dashing back first thing to check on them (what terrible parents we are - first night and we leave them on their own!!)


I will post later and, if I ever know how to I will post some photos


But they all look great


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Brilliant news Mel :D

You'll love them, such lovely, engaging personalities. And they've got such such a lovely new home with you (&Paul) and the current flock. Lucky girls, they'll enjoy every minute of their retirement with you :D:D:D . They do deserve it though.

Do let us know how they get on :D

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