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a plug for Mel

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OK - that's me done - after tomorrow's morning service we're off on our hols to Scotland (just a wee step over the border into Dumfries and Galloway)


I hope you all have a great day at the Omlet get-together - it sounds like great fun - and (rest assured) I've fixed up some good weather for you all..


I have dropped Star and Mrs Miggins off at Mels Eglu Retreats..




Great setup - lovely people - (including three wee small boys to collect the eggs and crawl into the eglu to fetch dropped clips) - and complete peace of mind that they are being well looked after while I spread my sporran in the heather..... (as it were...)


Mrs Miggins said (quietly) - can we stay longer???


anyway - did I mention Mel's Eglu Retreats


http://egluretreats.blogspot.com/ (you even get a free cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit!)



behave yourselves while I'm away! :roll:



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Hi Phil,

I was only looking at Mels' site yesterday :lol:


Have a great time in Scotland.

If you haven't been before,its wonderful & the Scotch Whiskey is great!


We are off tomorrow too - to sunny Centerparcs in Longleat where I will not only celebrate being an Eglu owner for a whole year (on & off) but also my 40th birthday :P


Have a good one - I know I will :wink:

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Have a great holiday Phil, and a great holiday with Mel for Mrs Miggins and Star- it sounds like Mel's got a good set-up there, anyone offering chocolate biscuits as an extra has to be providing a great service :wink:

Scotland's beautiful at this time of year, I love it, but I hope you've packed lots of insect repellant- they've got some very persistant midges up there :roll:

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