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Holiday horror!

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Whilst enjoying a lovely holiday in Wales, we were attacked by a swarm of angry wasps. Has this happened to anyone else and for how long can I expect to suffer?


DS was playing on a bank at the side of the car park. We were leaving the place so I drove the car up to the bank and he ran down and got in. He must have inadvertantly trodden on a wasps' nest because no sooner was he in the car than he started to scream that he was being stung. I got out of the driver's seat to get rid of what I thought would be one wasp only to see that there were 6-8 on him. I told him to get out and don't know what happened after that because I had stood between him and the rest of the swarm. I was literally plastered in wasps, like something out of a horror movie! I ran whirling around the car park, screaming my head off! I just couldn't get rid of them and they were stinging me all the time. The staff managed to persuade me away from my car (with engine running and handbag inside) to a hose where I got rid of them all.


Meanwhile DS had been adopted by a family picnicking on the bank and was safely (?) inside their car. He ended up with stings on his head, neck and ankle but wasn't too bad. DD3 and DH had got out of the car. DD3 had wasps all over her head and wouldn't stand still long enough for DH to get them off by flapping a fleece around. Her hand and wrist were already rigid and painful. DD2 was trapped in the back of the car, unable to lift the seat to get out because there were 100s of wasps all over it. The kind picnicking family let her out and she was stung just once on her hand. DH had stings on his neck but seems to have been all right.


DS, DD3 and I were taken to hospital in an ambulance. DD3 was given oxygen and then entonox on the way. I was hyper-ventilating which was a new experience and really frightening because I didn't feel stressed and yet couldn't control it. We were in a lot of pain. I had at least 40 stings all over me, but the ones on my body have given me the most pain. DD3 was stung on her eyelid and was unable to open her eye at all for 48 hours, it was really swollen. DD2 reacted badly to the one sting on her hand, which swelled up to at least 3 times its size.


Now 7 days on, I have finished the prescribed anti-histamines and the stings are all swelling up again. I have been unable to sleep for the last 3 nights because I am so itchy and sore everywhere. The children seem to be better off, but I had more stings than anyone and therefore presumably more venom to deal with. :(


I think I will have to go to my GP for more anti-histamines, but wondered if anyone could tell me what to expect. I thought a week would see the end of it, but it's not going to. :(

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Oh Ginnette, what a horror story. That sounds like the most horrific experience :shock: I have no sensible idea about how long to expect the symptoms to last, I think we all react differently to things, some more violently than others, and if you were the worst affected with the greatest number of stings it seems unsuprising that you're suffering longer than the others. I'd definitely get some more anti-histamines, and then see how you, all being well you should start to see the side effects gradually resolve.

I do hope that you start to feel a lot better soon.

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That really is dreadful Ginette. It sounds like you'll need more antihistamines, but I would suggest going to the pharmacist rather tha waiting for a docs appointment. My guess is that the sheer number of stings you had has overloaded your body with the venom, which it is taking longer to get rid of.


I hope that you get better soon you poor things. Try PMing Buffie for a homeopathic remedy

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What a horrible thing, Ginette - it must have been terrifying.


I guess at this time of year wasps start to get a bit colder, and grumpy as the the lovely heat seems to be a long past memory, and my sons have become victim many times to wasp stings at this time of year, but I've never seen such a terrifying attack on such a scale.


We were told that wasps are attracted to certain people - must pheremones or something - more than others, and that is why a wasp will head straight for Duncan or Owen, and leave me and chookiehubbie alone.


Hope you are feeling a bit better and it isn't giving you or the family too many nightmares, I'm sure I'd be unable to sleep for weeks.



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Ginette! That's horiffic! :shock::shock:

You poor things!

So sorry to hear that its still causing you discomfort and driving you mad.

I guess its an individual thing, but with that many stings, I'd be back at the doctors banging on the door for more anti-histamine!


If it didn't hurt you, I'd send a big hug your way.......

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Oh Ginette how scary. I hope it did not spoil your holiday too much.


I read a few days ago that wasps are partially bad this year. If I were you I would go back to the doctor. I keep on getting the odd one or two in the house but thankfully we have not upset them and they go. The kids have never been stung but I do worry about anaphylactic (hope that is spelt right) shock.


Hope you feel and get better soon :wink:

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So sorry to hear about your nightmare time!! :shock::shock:

How traumatic for you all - not what you want or expect when you are on holiday!


Unfortunately i have experienced something similar when i was about 7. Trying to be 'one of the lads' with my brother and his mates we all climbed over a wall near to a reservoir and then climbed through a hedge. The wasps nest must have been in the hedge and they all went crazy. To cut a long story short i got stung 17 times and ran into the reservoir to escape them.


I have come across a remedy to neutralise the sting of a wasp (or is it a bee? :? ) & its to apply vinegar to it. Not too sure if you are supposed to do this right away though. :?

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I have come across a remedy to neutralise the sting of a wasp (or is it a bee? :? ) & its to apply vinegar to it. Not too sure if you are supposed to do this right away though. :?


It's vinegar for wasps & bicarb for bees, and I think that it's best applied immediately. That said my daughter got stung by a wasp a few days ago and I promptly applied vinegar. She said it didn't make the slightest difference..... but then she does enjoy a good drama :wink: She wept and wailed on a single wasp sting, which was nothing at all in comparison to Ginnette's dreadful experience.

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OMG what a nightmare, no wonder you were hyperventilating .... I think I'd have had a heart attack :shock:


Have you tried some anti-histamine cream? Or maybe some Aloe Vera gel - it wonderfully soothing on burns. I remember calomine lotion from childhood too - chicken pox one Christmas!


And yes, definitely see a chemist for some more anti histamine tablets while you are waiting for your doctors appointment.


Good luck.

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Oh my Goodness - that sounds like a horrible thing to happen.

You poor things - you must have been terrified.

I can't cope with one wasp,let alone a whole bunch of the little bu****s

Mind you,if my child was in danger I guess I would do what I had to do


I have no advice about the stings,but a tale of my own.


2 years ago we went to Cephallonia,where The Hubby got stung by a wasp once,on his foot.

Now,he works in the building trade & is forever getting stung removing nests from behind cladding & so on,with no ill effect.

Within 2 mins of this sting though he collapsed :shock:

Luckily the manager of the apartments was there,threw him into a car & whisked him to hospital.I also threw a couple of anti histamines down him.

He spent the day in the (rather lovely) hospital,& was released that evening.

He has been stung since....again with no ill effects....& we always keep epi-pens with us ALL THE TIME! :?


A few things really scared me about the wole experience,apart from the obvious shock of seeing your other half collapse.

Firstly,it was a really small complex of apartments & the manager was about to go home,leaving me all on my own,with no car.

Also,we later found out that its so remote there that an ambulance couldn't easliy get to it :?

The travel agents (Tapestry,who were brilliant) have now taken it off their books for that reason!

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Ginette how horrible!


I am alergic to wasp stings after a particularly nasty Sunday morning a few years ago.


I got in late at night (slightly worse for wear as parents were away) and woke to what I thought was my brother prodding me with a pen - repeatedly!


Turns out it was a dirty great wasp and my forehead quickly swelled up so I resembled a Klingon.


Cue the brother to rush me to the hospital - never knew I was allergic before but after a quick jab of antihistamine all was well.


Joe has just got in and confirmed what I was going to advise


Try Lanacaine Lotion as this should help the itching, or possibly an E45 itch releif cream. Recommend going back to the doc for more antihistamines (may even be cheaper off prescription at Tesco's) and continue treatment until your body has finally stopped producing histamine


I'l PM you Ginette.




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Golly :shock: Thank you for all your replies and concerns.


I didn't know about vinegar (and bicarb for bees) but vinegar and bicarb are of course at the front of my cupboard (hair!)


Andrew, that is an excellent point about my body still producing histamine. I hadn't thought of that! The over-the-counter anti-histamines definitely help but the hospital-prescribed ones are better. Without them the reactions are nearly as bad as they were on the day, but without the pain. Just itchy and very hot!


I have some Benadryl cream which has helped a bit too.


DD3 has a friend staying overnight, so I was unable to go to the GP today or tomorrow morning. I will try to see someone tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for all your advice! :D

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I have spoken to my GP today. He says I can buy the anti-histamines over the counter but he thinks the stings are now infected so has prescribed an antibiotic as well. He tells me it can only get better now, so I hope he's right!!! :D

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