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My day

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Sorry all, a bit arrogant :oops: , but my daughter Imy and I have just had a great day, and I thought I'd bore you all by telling you about it :D

We travelled to Essex and helped out with a BHWT rescue, met the co-ordinators there who are really lovely people, met Sophie (from the forum) who is lovely, and very skilled with the claw clipping 8):lol::lol: And of course we met some great new adopters, some with chickens already, a few entirely new to chicken keeping, and a few with eglus, so they may well pop onto the forum at some time :wink: All of those hens were really lucky with great new homes to go to and a nice, relaxing retirement.

We had 165 hens, many of whom arrived in fairly terrible condition, near bald, very long claws and floppy anaemic combs. But it didn't take them long at all to start taking an interest in their surroundings, eating and drinking, laying down in the sun, and even starting to peck each other a bit. We had some real feisty characters :D

It was exhausting, and smelly work (I ended up practically covered in chicken poo :shock: ) but so rewarding, and because everyone who was helping was so friendly it was a real fun day too.

We were too busy to stop and take photos really, but Imy will post a couple on her blog tomorrow when she finds some time.

Sophie... it was great to meet you. Have a great day tomorrow, and with any luck we'll meet you again in October :D You definitely deserve your "battery hen rescuer" tag line :wink:

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Not arrogant at all Kate!


What a wonderful day spent helping a worthwhile cause - fantastic and good for you! :D:D


All those hens off to good & loving new homes and they have you to thank to help them along the way! (It was worth getting covered in chicken poo & im sure it will all come out in the wash!) :wink:


Well done you & Imy & Sophie! :D:D:D

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I'll have to think about getting involved when some of my "life problems" have settled a bit :!::D


When things settle and you feel able to help L-J just give me a shout. I suspect that Jean would probably be grateful for a few more volunteers to call on for her rescues... we were a small, but very select team today :wink: You could always travel up with me if you wanted :D

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Imy got back from her paper round about an hour ago..... and unusually for her she was fired up and keen to update her blog.

I just helped her with the uploading the photo bit (and a bit of tactful editting- she got into one about wicked battery farmers, so that has been substantially toned down :wink: ) but I thought that you might like to see one of the pics- we only got round to taking 2 photos as we were just too busy for photo opportunities, but all the bare flesh on display here made me feel so sad. But just look at how perky they all look, alert and happy, there's even one having a rest and a sunbathe 8):D:D




It sounds like it should have been a difficult day, and in some ways it was, tiring of course, but very uplifting and very worthwhile :D:D

Thanks to everyone who has adopted ex-batteries :D

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Well done both of you. What an admirable way to spend a day.


You must both be so pleased with what you have done to help those hens.


Thanks to you they will spend the rest of their lives loved and well cared for.


What a lovely thing to do :D:D

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