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One Man Banned

How DO you solve a problem like Maria?

Who should be Maria?  

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  1. 1. Who should be Maria?

    • Connie
    • Siobhan
    • Helena

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Well it's down to the final three after the sad demise tonight of Abi and Aoife.


I have been watching this since it started as The Sound Of Music is a favourite musical of mine.


So ( a poll again please mods :!: )


Who should be Maria


Connie connie02.jpg


Siobhan siobhan03.jpg




Helena helena03.jpg


It's up to us now as there is NO saving vote from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber!






My money is on Connie!

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8) Andrew, I love the musical too, so have been watching this programme. Well, was watching X Factor tonight :roll: so have taped Maria. I think Connie would be great, but will vote when I've watched this episode (now I know who was voted out! :roll::lol: )

...Have added the poll, so you need to vote Andrew.

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it should be connie - she's not the nicest person - but she's the best talent there.


Aoife should never have been in it - but my fave was the little Essex girl (ahhh - bless!)


we have tickets to go and see whoever wins it in December - so we have watched just about every other week.


I liked Abbie - but they were right - she was vocally less secure than the others...


as for Helena - why? why? why? why? why? why?


My daughter thought that axeing accented-Maria last week was a travesty - so do I!


anyway - it should be me - baldy-Maria...



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It was Zoe who said Siobhan was "dead behind the eyes" Dan.


Last night was shocking, Siobhan sang dreadfully and Aoife was much better. Ok, so Abi is a bit uppy downy and isn't so consistent and I always thought she would struggle with the acting part of the role.


There was an odd eery mood when they announced that Siobhan was through - kind of like how no-one could beleive it - I couldn't


Helena's performance was incredible last night. I have been no fan of hers and could never understand ALW keeping her from leaving. I always said to Joe that she must be brilliant backstage in the bits we don't get to see. I truly was stunned!


My money was always sort of behind Connie from the start, (Hey she's Welsh!) and yes she is "samey", but that is exactly what she needs to be, this is a job they have to do over and over again so samey isn't a problem, it's the ability to perform night after night that could unsettle the girls.





(Oh and the snogging John Barrowman......Doesn't he bat for the OTHER side!!!)


Leave him alone girls! :lol::lol:

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I wish I knew what you were all talking about...... I think :wink::lol::lol:


Trust me on this one Annie - you really dont!

Be glad at times like these you dont own a TV! :D


Sorry guys but i think its just an awful programme along with X Factor, Big Brother and all the other reality garb!

Its a Saturday night - come on there must be something better to do! :lol::lol::lol:

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The Sound of Music is my favourite film of all time and I stopped counting the number of times I had seen it when I got to 35 times and was still at school! Maria von Trapp has been a real inspiration to me and I read her books regularly as a sort of 'refresher course'. :)


Whilst I thought the programme would be dreadful, I am actually enjoying it. It is very interesting to listen to what the casting people are looking for. That has been good for me. And it's an angle I hadn't considered. It gives such an insight into the world of Musicals.


I have thought Connie from the beginning and I would say that she has never given a bad performance (though have missed a couple of weeks).

She is professional all the way through.


Abi is terrific too though not so vocally secure. I think ALW will keep in touch with her. Her voice is lower than the others' and I think she would

have struggled with some of the songs. The Sound of Music is not quite the right show for her.


Siobhan and Helena just haven't got the vocal security and neither did Aoife. The Romanian girl was good but had attitude. That is one of the things I learnt from Zoe - that they need people they can work with, not people who just say 'well that's how I do it', however well that is. Though I wanted to scream at them when they kept going on about her accent - Maria von Trapp was Austrian, not English!


It's interesting hearing other people's opinions too.

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I have watched them all except one - great stuff (as I said above)


think the joy for me is that (total surprise) - all five of us have been able to sit and watch it together..


the only other program that has done that recently was Dr Who


It's great telly!


we watched part two of the film today (watched part one last week) - now the kids know what it's all about!


Already a new phrase has entered our family life... when the kids want to cover up something they have done... "we were picking berries" is the phrase they might use!!!


.... blueberries!


.... it was cold and the strawberries went blue..... errrr.... :oops:




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:shock: "I agree with Dan on all the above points!" You can quote me on that, Dan! :lol:


I'm in the Dan/Shiela corner too. Brilliant TV. Real talent (I'd give my right arm to be able to sing like any of those girls, and here we are pulling them to shreds!)


I must say though, I was bought up on musicals and I love them. You either do or you don't. I can take or leave the X Factor/Pop Idol these days though, I only really watch it for the comedy value when I do. There will never be another Will Young.


Come on Connie!!


Sheila I HEART you! :wink::D


Brilliant Dan :lol:

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