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The Dogmother

Mites and lice abound - another warning

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Not quite got the gist of your post Sandy, but here's what I think you're asking...


You need to treat the housing at least weekly to get rid of an infestation, preferably every 4 days to break the egg cycle. Then weekly to prevent an infestation.


Birds should be treated weekly while they are infested and then a preventative prescribed by the vet quarterly to keep them off. Any more often would be too much for their systems, Also don't do worming and lice/mite treatment together, leave a gap of at least a week to avoid overloading them with drugs.

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arghh...my girls are covered!!


Ive been using Diatom and the Johnsons spray...


Ive just bought some Ivermectin drops and poultry shield...


So the plan is:


1) bath in poultry shield

2) use the ivermectin drops

3)spray bum with Johnsons anti-lice spray

4) clean coop with poultry shield

5)dust everything with diatom

6)get myself in the shower with wire brush!!.....


what else should I or shouldnt I do???



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:lol::lol: Don't scrub your self too raw Kim!


Although Permethrin isn't licensed for use on poultry in the UK, I would recommend you using ant powder conrining it in the housing rather than Diatom. Having seen mites crawlign through Diatom in a friend's coop, I am now more dubious about its effectiveness; she used ant powder though and it seems to have (with perseverence) got rid of them :)


Please note though that it is toxic to cats.


I'd only wash the hens if they are really badly infested - hens don't generally like being washed and it's be horrid to stress them unnecessarily. You don't say whether thye have lice or mites, but Northern Fowl Mites cause the feathers to clump together with a yukky mix of mite poo, dead mites and dead skin - that sort of thing definitely needs washing off as it's almost impossible to remove otherwise.

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Lol Claret!! :D


My girls are covered in the bloomin things!! :evil:


Ive always been thorough with them and used diatom in the coop, floor and dust baths...


But seems the lice have just exploded recently... :x


I will pop to the local shop and see what they have to offer in the way of "ant" products...


Ive always just found the odd few but this weekend it was EUW!!...


Im so itchy...I cant imagine how itchy my girls are... :(



thanx for the advice...



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I looked up permethrin on the web and everywhere certainly says that it is toxic to cats however on my Raid crawling insect killer and the Johnsons anti-mite spray there is no mention of it being toxic to cats, only fish and aquatic environments. The raid is intended for use inside the home.


I have nippon ant powder too so I will have a look on there later to see if they mention cats but I'm a bit annoyed that the products do not have it printed on them.


I have three cats and had I not seen on here that it is toxic to cats-I would have had no idea!! I have used the Raid in my house before and didn't give the cats a second thought.

I wouldn't have been happy if they had died because of it!!

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arghh...Im not having a good time...


One of the chickens Im "sitting" for even though in a different coop

and area was also covered in lice...


She looked a bit pale when she arrived but looked paler yesterday,

I had already wormed them when I did mine last week and all was well...


So I decided as she was particulary bad and looked liked she was suffering,

Id bathe her in poultry shield (10% dilution)...and have dry her off ...


She is now looking quite wobbly and hiccuping(?)


anyone know what that is?...Im trying to get her to drink but she isnt interested...


I feel awful as she isnt even mine!!...The other girl seems fine just a few lice and Ive used drops...*not licensed for poultry in the UK*


help please!!... :(


UPDATE: she seems to be sleeping now...not hiccuping anymore...Fingers crossed she will be ok over night...

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Thanx again Claret!!


I know mine did have a few before, but it may be a possibilty that they came with her...


Ive always wormed etc any extras that I have stay...it works out a bonus for the guests...


I will run up some scrambled tomorrow morning...


She is sat on a nice hot water bottle comfy in the cat box head under wing cosy in the front room...better than outside on this horrible rainy, windy night....


will update in morning....




PS Im still itching LOL... :anxious:

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Perky girl this morning! :clap:

stuffing face with scrambled egg and sweetcorn...


so pleased :D


did move her to a large rabbit cage today...but will keep her in as looks like rain again...


will be bathing the 2nd chook later and then keeping them inside until owners home saturday...


Ill then treat the whole coop and run and attack my girls for their 2nd round of lice fighting...



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we've got them here too now, which really does make me go :vom: ... found a few tiny grey moving things (lice presumably) in the straw when cleaning out last w/e, so after scrubbing and Poultry Shield, I dusted cube and all bathing areas liberally. couldnt do girls themeselves as husband not around - but yesterday we treated all the girls with Johnsons antimite spray. found live lice on 2, and eggs on a couple more - but I have to say that they are ALL much brighter and livelier today, far more active and much less preening, so I would say it has definitely been worth doing. We'll do them all again next w/e, prob with powder rather than spray, as long as he is around - I can do the deed myself, but the catching takes 2 of us....


also took opportunity to clear up a couple of daggy bottoms with a solution of warm water and 10% PS - any ideas why only one or 2 are ever like this??


now feeding a high protein bran/cat food/poultry spice mix for a couple of days and will scramble the with-held eggs from today and tomorrow for them as well. when scrambling eggs for chooks, do you use butter as normal?

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I would use the RIP fleas if I was you.

I used the red can of Raid crawling insect killer and my girls are all fine :wink:


I have just bought a can of Indorex and was surprised at how huge the can is :D

Indorex is supposed to last for up to 12 months aswell but I would imagine it will last until the Eglu is cleaned.

Think I will give everything a good spray 3-4 times a year and keep the Raid for spraying the wood of the walk in run as it is a bit fumey to use in their sleeping quarters.




Beach chick-


As for scrambled eggs-I don't add butter or milk. I just whisk them then stick them in the microwave :wink:

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