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**New Thread - Pet Memorials

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Today we had to have Betty our dog PTS. She had breathing problems in the hot weather and an x-ray showed a big growth near her heart. We had very limited choices for treatment, and so rather than submit her to more distress and pain, chose Euthanasia.


She came into our lives seven and a half years ago when we "inherited" her on my MIL's demise.


Originally bred for showing she didn't quite make the mark and so instead the owners decided to breed from her (aged nine months :shock: ) they then tried to get rid of her to a family (she hated the small children so that didn't work) taking her back they then had another litter of puppies from her :shock::shock: , before agreeing to give her to my MIL. Not suprisingly she was quite neurotic, could not play, would not walk. Between MIL and us we did our best with her, but I could never persuade her that a walk was "A Good Thing", and she would never really play or retrieve. That said she was the gentlest creature I ever knew, put up with teasing by the cat without retaliating and even just last Sunday had a full sized peck on the nose by a bad tempered chicken without snapping or growling. She also loved to trip me up in the kitchen (constantly) by being under my feet when food was around. She loved any vegetables but particularly carrot so used to raid the compost pail regularly, but of all her treats Chicken poo was by far the best :vom:


I will miss you soo much little Betty, my shadow and constant companion. You have enrichened my life, ruined my carpets, eaten me out of house and home, perplexed and annoyed me at times...I would not have wanted it any other way, and I am so glad fate put you in my path (or me in yours) RIPxxxxx

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Sage was my second chinchilla, and I drove nearly to York to get her. The lady at the rescue was almost ‘I don’t suppose you want this one’ when she showed her to me; she had come from a breeder, had bitten (although healed) ears and a funny pink mass on her underneath, that the rescue’s vets had been unable to diagnose. So of course, Sage was the chinchilla for me!


I took her to my own exotic vets. They seemed keen to investigate the lump but admitted this would only really be for the sake of curiosity as it did not seem to be causing any problems. So I left well alone.


Sage was a real sweety, and my mum’s favourite when she ‘chin sat’. I obtained another rescue to pair up with Sage - but Sage was having none of it :oops: (Sorry Rosa). I then tried to bond her with Blueberry - this time it was Blue who said no!


More recently, she had been living with another 3 chinchillas, after I had a flash of inspiration that they might get all get on when reintroducing (neutered) Pikachu to his girlfriends after his hernia illness. And they did :dance:


I am not sure how old Sage was, she was a mature adult when I got her and I had her for about 7 years. She had developed a cataract and had become thin, but, until the last couple of days, was still eating well and playing. She was obviously slowing down and it was agonising trying to decide whether to let nature take its course, or drag her to the vet. As she did not seem to be in distress, I decided to play it by ear, and was sure I had made the right decision when I found all four chinnies cuddled up together in the ‘cozee-cop’, as if comforting her.


Last night, I gave her some metacam in case she was a pain, a kiss and a cuddle, and sadly, I found my sweet Sage dead this morning. RIP little one.

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I went up to feed the animals this morning, opened up Elvis' hutch & found him dead :cry::cry:

My poor boy, he seemed fine last night, although he was abit quieter than normal. He was about 9 years old, so I think it was down to old age. He looked so peaceful. I'll miss him so much, be so weird looking out the window and not seeing him running around the garden :cry:








Love you gorgeous boy!!!!

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We had to have our 'old soldier' moggy Mortimer put to sleep this morning.

You might remember me posting about him a few months ago as he was having an occasional fit but rallied and was fine again until I noticed a couple of days ago that he wasn't eating much and seemed a little more wobbly on his back legs, and then last night we decided we should pop him to the vets today.

However, when we got up this morning, OH found him lay in the kitchen doorway with injuries to one of his back legs, possibly bites, and he was unable to stand - although he still seemed determined to drag himself to the stairs. We called the vet and took him straight round, and knew in our hearts that this was his final journey.

This was the first time we have ever had an animal PTS and I've been blubbing on and off all day.

We've just buried him in the back garden, next to the girls in the WIR, with a big slab over the top so he won't be disturbed by any garden critters.

The house feels so empty without him already...........


Night night old boy - the strangest, wonkiest, loudest, funniest, most unique looking cat ever XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Sunday 15th August 2010


Maisie, my gorgeous hamster has passed on. :cry:


She'd had wet tail a while ago and we tried all we could to save her. We'd clean her up daily and make sure that she was eating and drinking. We bought her supplement vitamins and we gave her a bit of baytril, we were determined not to let her go and she seemed to recover. However, not long after that she got ill again and despite our efforts she died in the early hours of this morning . :cry:


Yesterday she wasn't sleeping in her little nest where she normally slept. This rang alarm bells with me as my previous hamster, Luna had started sleeping in a different part of her cage the day she died. Her breathing seemed really laboured and she was gasping for air through her mouth. I stayed up late with her, but she seemed to be getting better so I went to bed. When I went downstairs in the morning she was dead in her tube.


She was such a lovely little girl. R.I.P. Maisie :cry: You are loved so much.P8020024.jpg

R.I.P. baby. Lots of Love XX :angel:


We took her out into the garden once when it was really sunny. Got some nice pics and she really liked it.











I still can't believe that she's dead. I just feel numb :cry:


:cry: . I've been unable to stop crying all day :cry: . I know she was 'just a hamster' but I loved her so much. She had been ill for a while so it wasn't a shock, but still, nothing can prepare you for this. :cry:

Picture1000.png R.I.P. baby. Lots of love X :angel:


R.I.P. Maisie September 2008 - Sunday 15th August 2010

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We finally had to say goodbye to Kushka yesterday. The vets were terrific all through her final weeks, they did everything medically they could to make life more comfortable for her but it was time to let her go.


I am heartbroken.


She had lived with me for 19 years. Although her last few weeks were mostly spent on a beanbag in the warm kitchen she always came and said hello in the morning and would keep me company while I washed up, baked etc.


YS burst into tears when he came down for breakfast.


We all miss her.

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I think its time to get this off my chest.


I have lost virtually my whole flock of racing pigeons in a matter of weeks :cry::(


It all started about a month ago


i started with angel and snowy;

I went to see my girls in the morning (it being monday) and there they were in a corner...dead :(:cry:

There had been bad lightning over the night, and i thought were they struck by lightning :think:


I called the man I got them off and he said it was a disease they get anually. It is very contagious among pigeons. He said that they probably hadn't been vaccinated against it. The disease causes the bird to lose balance, giving it difficulty flying and walking. It eventually just causes them to...die.


I then lost hazelnut to the illness on sunday :(


followed by puffy on Tuesday. at least I was with her to see her off :(:cry:


Concorde on wednesday :(


And feather feet just yesterday (being the 26 September) :(


God bless them all, :pray:

I'm glad they didn't die in pain. :(


I also hope for a healthy and happy life for my only two survivors;

Cheep Cheep and Pidwigeon


Update 5/10/10


Cheep cheep died yesterday :cry::(


This means its only pidwigeon left.


This sad experience has definately put me off keeping pigeons for quite a while.

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We lost our boy 18.10.10. He had 3 owners before we adopted him and the neglected him terribly and because of this he suffered with gut statis a lot, but we always managed to pull hin through.

Peter you were and are still loved by us all. i know you loved us even though you bite us all the time but we loved you more. you have left a gap that cant be filled. Ben and Dylan miss you and so do we.

I miss your jumping around saying "feed me first". Gone to Rainbow Bridge with Stewie and Ice the budgie and Poppy the dog. i will come and collect you all one day love you.

Angela, Victoria,Markk and Victoria not for getting your little brothers and Scamp the Dogxxxxx

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RIP Didi

Didi was a Siberian Hamster. She died three years ago in the summer. :cry: Probably of old age.

I will never forget you Didi, thanks for everything.




Rest in Peace Didi, I love you.

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Peanut the Piggie

Just 3 yrs old and gone already. ( Bladder stones ). He was a real character but did not like to be with his brother so they were kept next to each other. He has gone to Rainbow Bridge to be with our other family to wait until we collect them.

Love you so much Peanut xxxxxxxxxxxx

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RIP tizzy a gorgeous collie cross she was a rescue dog

And i hope that the previous 15 years I have spent with

Her have been memorable

sleep tight gorgeous we love you and you will always be



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We had Jethro put to sleep on 8th February. We don't know how old he was apart from that we'd had him for over 15 years & he was an adult cat when we got him.

He'd been a rescued cat as he was in a car accident & his previous owners didn't want to pay the vets fees or have him back :cry:

Cats Protection took him in, named him Jethro as the house he came from was apparantely like The Clampits :oops: neutered him and nursed him back to health as his right eye had lost its sight where he had been hit. He always walked with a funny tilt to his head ever since.

He wasn't a good looking cat by any means, & he has since cost us a small fortune in vets fees, so much so that one time the vet didn't charge us as we had spent so much money on him. All he wanted was a knee to sit on & a stroke, & he was everybody's friend.

The photos were taken on his last full day with us, in his prime he was a big fatty!

Love you Jeffers x



Jethro by Jules H 35, on Flickr



Jethro & Lily by Jules H 35, on Flickr

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After we lost Charlie our 13 year old springer in Feb we have now lost Jess our Border at age 16. The void is massive!!!!!! :(:(:(:(

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Very sadly we lost our wonderful house bunny Azzie to a sudden illness on Friday. I am finding it so difficult to come to terms with as he was a much loved member of our family. :cry:


This was him as a baby. 65_515417968335_3008_n.jpg


We buried him today, in a favourite spot in the garden, with his favourite ball for company.


Hop and skip in bunny heaven my lovely boy. *hugs*

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Bluebell, my beautiful but slightly grumpy black & white bunny, died two weeks ago today while we were on holiday. It was very sad for us and for my niece who was house sitting. It is even worse that we don't know the cause of her sudden death - she was only four and a half and apparently well - and worrying that we don't know if we missed anything that we could have sorted out.


She and her sister Blossom were extremely close and they were always snuggled up together. I don't really want to get another rabbit, especially as they may not get on. My cat Mia occasionally pops in to the run to say hi, and I have invested in a few more bunny distractions so that Blossom isn't too bored. She isn't a house rabbit, but we are thinking we might have her indoors especially if it's very cold. We have a snuggle safe and fleecy cover for her hutch though, so I hope she will be fine. Time will tell.


RIP Bluebell, sadly missed and gone too soon xxx

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