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**New Thread - Pet Memorials

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RIP Poppy.


Mum just came back from the vets alone. After months of should we/shouldn't we she finally went to sleep. She was over 19 years old and Mum's constant companion.


She's gone over the Rainbow Bridge now - I hope she finds my Dad.

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On Tuesday we had to have Galaxy, our horse, PTS. He had a bad case of colic and was not recovering. :cry: We have had him for just over 3 years and he will be missed very much by all the family.






He was a lovely 15.3 skewblad cob. Just 8 years old :( He had such a sweet nature and even the hens at the yard would sit on his stable door or on his back and he wouldn't care. :(


We were in the process of looking for another horse before he had to be PTS. We still want another horse but we are going to leave it for a month or two. No horse can ever replace Galaxy just help to fill the gap in our hearts :cry:


RIP Galaxy, Will miss your forever. :(



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My nan's Westie, Katie, was PTS on Tuesday.



She hasn't been well for the past few months but she had gotten really bad on Monday night and she was PTS Tuesday morning :cry:



I'm quite upset as i grew up with her (my nan got her when i was 2 mnths old)




RIP Katie July 1991 - June 2009 :cry:

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Blackberry is my bunny who lived with Binky who died 7th May and he's just gone downhill since then the poor little thing. He's 7 1/2 years old so it's not a surprise but it's really sad.


He's dragging one of his rear paws, it doesn't work at all - he doesn't seem to be in any pain which is good but he can't hop around like he used to. He also now appears to be incontinent and all the hair has come off a patch of his back legs where he's been weeing on himself Frowner


We also think he's now deaf as he doesn't respond to noises.


Because he doesn't hop around a lot since Binky died we hadn't spotted the leg until I washed him up last night because of the wee and so we've booked to take him into the vet today and I'm honestly worried about what they're going to say about him. I'll understand if they suggest putting him to sleep but I do feel really sad about it because it's not that long since we lost Binky and we've had the for 7 years now so it won't seem the same without them there.


Binky died of a heart attack bounding around the garden and so we didn't take him to the vet. They've always been so healthy it's such a shock to see him like this.


I know they usually deteriorate quickly when their friend dies but he was eating and drinking OK so I thought that generally he was fine but it appears he was just going through the motions :(




They put Blackberry to sleep because he was just skin and bone and almost certainly would have ended up with fly strike because of the incontinence.


He offered us painkillers but said that it wouldn't have been long anyway.


Bye bye Blackberry x

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I came in from work & wondered where Orchid my little cat was, she usually greets me. I looked in her hidey holes & have found her on her side dead behind the settee. There is a large patch of wetness near her litter tray . I am absolutely besides myself. I can't stop crying. :cry:

I presume she was older than we thought & her heart murmur a lot worse than the vet said. I feel so guilty now for putting her through her neutering operation( she'd already been neutered). I am so lost - she was my company & my friend.

Sleep well my beautiful flower. :cry:



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Our Alex was killed instantly by a car just yards from our house this morning. It's the quietest road imaginable. Our boy managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


We've known Alex since he was about three or four weeks old. Born to a feral mum, he and his sister Ruby came for handrearing due to severe cat flu. They were so sick, it's the worst case of flu I'd ever seen and they very nearly died from pneumonia. Alex never full recovered, it's always affected him, he couldn't gain an ounce of weight. He didn't have two brain cells to rub together, he was gormless but oh so funny. We just had to laugh at his silly ways, life was very simple for Alex. He was always so cheerful, had a spring in his step, he loved to chat to me and he loved cuddles from everyone. I'm really going to miss our chats. He loved to play chasemechaseyou with Ruby, especially in the long grass in our garden. Despite his physical frailties life was just one big barrell of laughs for Alex.


Baldy self-harming Alex.



Alex in a moment of contemplation. Probably wondering where to piddle inappropriately next.


Very very poorly baby Alex.



The day we thought Alex wouldn't survive pneumonia.



On the mend and ignoring his sisters silliness.



With his beloved sister Ruby.



Mollys best Christmas present. She thought they were still up for adoption. I got name tags made with their names on and wrapped them up with their new collars to surprise her. She was so happy.



And that's what we need to think of now, how happy Alex made us.


Thanks for the laughs and the love (and the puddles of wee) our darling baby Alex :cry::cry::cry:

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I lost Frank the Rabbit two and a half weeks ago and I and the family are devastated. He was more of a human in a rabbit body, choosing to spend his days in our office/home, on our desks, at our feet etc. rather than out in the garden - we miss him dreadfully. He was only two and a half years old but we rescued him from being put down at 5 months old because 'there was no room for him'. So we take some solace in knowing that we gave him more time.


He's now with my mother I believe.


Our very kindly 80+ neighbour has gifted us two rescue rabbits, Bonnie and Bandit, who are settling in with us and making their way into our hearts. Our rabbit eglu for them arrived today and they're tentatively exploring it!

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Yesterday morning when I went downstairs my 17 year old cat Lily had very laboured breathing, when I put my ear on her to listen she sounded very bubbly, so I took her to the vet and and after much deliberation and taking up and hour of the vets time, I ended up having her put to sleep.


The vet asked me if he could "have a look at her after she'd gone" and I said yes, she'd had an overactive thyroid for nearly two years and had been on felimazole but apart from that and the occasional cough she'd been fine. Anyway the vet phoned me back and said I'd made the right decision at the right time as she had a tumour on her thyroid gland and metastases in her lungs and they were full of fluid. I'm amazed that she showed no signs of being ill until yesterday when she was obviously very ill and also at how bad I feel even though I know I did the right thing :cry:



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we had our darling cat Sparky pts today. he was only 8 yrs old, the most beautiful big fluffy black boy with a white medal on his chest, and the most loving cat in the world. his favourite place to sleep was on the pillow immediately above my head...


we rushed him to the vet on Sun morning as he seemed bloated and uncomfortable and unhappy. the diagnosis was some kind of injury - poss a car, or a fall, or even a kick, we'll never know. he had scans on Sunday, was stabilised and on a drip/painkillers/antibiotics, and he survived the night. however, more scans and xrays and bloods etc today revealed he had developed raging peritonitis. vet said odds of survival minimal, even if they operated to remove a poss. damaged spleen, they didnt think he could survive the infection.


so I picked up the youngest from school (oldest still on holidays) and we went up to say goodbye to him. the girls kissed him and he purred, they went out to the car, and then I stayed while the deed was done, kissing and stroking him and telling him to sleep tight darling boy. luckily because he had a drip in he didnt need another injection, and was as good as gold bless him. 4th time I've had to do this - all the others lived to a ripe old age, so 8 is just a baby to me.


sleep well Sparky, you were loving and much loved. xxxx

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Hi all,


One of the rats my sis bred nearly 2 yrs ago is ill :(


We took her to the evts a week ago and the vet gave her some anti-biotics.


Well she's a rex rat and already had some bald patches,butin the past week she lost all the fur on her head!


We thought she was getting better,she stopped wobbling when walking & started to eat again.


But about 10 mins ago she started to breathe funny and the other two rats went from cleaning her to attacking her :cry:


her dad died a few months ago at the age of 5 and her sister died a couple of weeks ago (she fell from the top of the cage and broke her back)


My mum is on her way to the evts now,she said if the vet can't do anything,she's going to get her PTS :cry:


She's such a lovely little rat,she would sit on your shoulder and lick behind your ears or lick the back of your neck



Summer had to be PTS!


My mum paid a total of £46, That was to get her PTS and for her to get cremated.



RIP Summer :(

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Another of my chinchillas has sadly died this week. Teddy was a rescue so I have no idea of his age, although I have had him for about 3.5 years and he wasn't young when I got him, I am still :cry:


He had had a dental in the summer and had never really got back to eating pellets properly; he was living on his favourite foods and was on medication to keep him comfortable but his time had come.


RIP little one x

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i know the feeling of when your cat reachs an age where you start to think about what their furture holds.


last week on new years eve my old lady vienna (age 21) passed away she had become frail,slightly senile and had a mammary tumor,we decided againest an op because of her age letting her decide when the time was right.


she lived for another 1 1/2 years living her life to the full, always purring and going in the everyone bins and coming home with sausages!


earlier on in the year vienna disappeared for a week and we thought she had passed away only to recieve a call saying she had been found in a bike shed at a post office about 1/2 mile away!


vienna passed away peacefully in her sleep on the 31st decembe,r im sure she was hanging on for the last day of the decade!

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I had to have my cat Suki PTS today :(


She was our wedding present to ourselves 10 years ago and was between 7 and 10 years old then so she was an old girl


Our other cat Starsky is looking for her, he is 9 years old and has never known life without her, they are indoor cats so very close :(


Rest in peace Suki x

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Oooh dear sorry to hear about your lovely bunnies Clootie :(


- We lost our lovely guinea pig "Sandy" yesterday. Think she'd had a stroke, nothing could be done for her but it was horrible seeing her like that :( the girls were upset :cry: I miss her, she was the most friendly of the 4 we had. I bet the 3 remaining girls are wondering where she is. :(:(

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