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They've arrived

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do you give the porridge to them as dry food or do you cook it first? :P


I cook it first...with water, not milk.


As an extra treat I sometimes stir in some sultanas or raisins.


I also serve the porridge in a couple of those heavy beige bog standard dog bowls...anything else tips over too easily.

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Hello and welcome!


My two love grapes, mealworms and chicken porridge (porridge oats, mixed corn, some chopped up grapes, sweetcorn and grit all mixed together with enough water to make it all sticky!)........small slugs, worms, left over cake....


....and I discovered today that they like plum too!

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Welcome to the forum and chicken keeping!


the eglu is fab isnt it?! and so are chickens ! :dance:


my girls fave treats -




cooked brown rice

left over mashed potato

porridge oats

chopped tomato


broccoli - whole - put in the run - pecked to death !

sweetcorn (un-sweetened - straight from the tin) for some reason they dont like corn on the cob!


and garden wriggleys - worms/spiders/woodlice/earwigs. yum :lol:

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Pretty much the same likes as above! Took them a while to try different things, but now they know what they like, and can tell if you walk out of the house with it - look out, no chickens, step outside the door - chickens crashing at your feet :shock: (they never learn to slow down do they?)

They love:

sweetcorn (took them a while to get the hang of it on the cob, they would only eat it if I held it, and then they tried to peck the bits directly under my fingers!)


dried fruit

cooked leftover potato

leftover peas and sweetcorn

porridge (the kids love porridge, so I always make extra now so there are some leftovers for the girls)

porrige made with layers pellets or mash, warm water and rasins

fresh spring greens

I could spend all day feeding them treats, they are just so funny! (but must try to make treats more healthy :roll: )

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oh god treats - mine love allsorts!


Sweetcorn - tinned or a corn on the cob

cherry tomatoes





meal worms


boiled rice ( no salt )

bread crusts

crushed Ryvita crackers

porridge oats

mixed wheat & barley

melon skins!


I give them most things apart from biscuits, cake, crisps,chocolate , citrus fruits. Never give them mushrooms or rhubarb""!!!!!!!!


They have a very healthy diet - not like their mummy & daddy! :roll:

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