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chicken names

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My first two are Gertrude and Mabel - I'd picked the names before they arrived - don't know why, I just liked them. Daisy was already called that when I got her and I didn't want to change it. My 2 ex-batts are Ziggy and Stardust as I am big fan of the wonderous Mr Bowie :D

OH didn't really approve of Queen B1tch (imagine shouting that down the garden :?::!::shock::twisted: ) and Lady Grinning Soul is a bit ofa mouthful but if I get any more then...... :wink:

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I gave mine all Victorian girls names because that seemed to me to suit their dear fluffy bottoms and girly walks: Betsy, Queenie, Maud and Daisy.


I also had a Gloria for a few months.


A short list for any new additions includes: Adelaide, Mabel, Beatrice and Florence.


Love em! 8):D


Cookie. xx

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Mine were named after our fave programme - Coronation Street.


I have Rita - dark ginger

Blanche - the bossy pepperpot

Audrey - the tall one with the quiffy comb!!!!!! ( Typical hairdresser )


Brilliant. Am a massive Correr (not Corrie...that's for southerners) fan.


You'll have to get a Fizz and a Violet next...or maybe an Amber....Dev's Daughter...she's wonderful. Well worth naming a chicken after.

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