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Cheeky Chickens

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I don't know, you turn your back for 1 second and they're up to mischief....


"Come on girls, the coast's clear...."



"oooh, will you look at the state of this mat? What's the rest of the place like?...."



"it's not too bad up here ..."



"This sink could do with a scrub..."



"oops, well the floor WAS ok! :oops: "



I think I passed the inspection :shock:

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Love the photos :D:D chickens are very cheeky, just like naughty little children sometimes



My girls frequently make a dash for an open unguarded back door :D:D


One of their favourite tricks is to sqauk as though being attacked - you run out of the back door at full speed - obviously not closing it cos if your girls are being attacked you aren't going worry about things like closing a door - and as you head off down the garden they run straight passed you at break neck speeds and hop in the open door and start eating the cat food :shock::roll::shock: much to the indignation of the cat who is probably asleep on the kitchen table :D:D and not up to dealing with such an invasion.


Sometimes when its very cold and wet outside they are invited indoors to warm up and dry off

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Has her name changed to Fizz, I see a tweeny theme in the chicken name. :lol:

No Martin, Fizz is the araucana. But yes, there is definitely a tweenie theme! I'm sure Bella must lay soon, she's suddenly sprouted a gorgeous red comb and has become very tame - this time last week she wouldn't come anywhere near the open back door! She also crouches when I reach for her. I still can't get anywhere near Fizz, and she was NOT joining the others indoors, thank you very much. Preferred to sit and sulk alone in the garden! :roll:

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Snowy - can I come round and put all the eggs straight, and facing the same way, in your egg tray? :oops::lol:


All done and dusted Lesley! Normally I'm a bit obsessive about them - I like to keep taking them out of the tray and feeling them :oops: and putting them back neatly.

But I'd shuffled them around a bit to get the white egg near the front for the photo! :roll: They're all nice and neat again now (don't want the egg police round! :shock: )


PS - which way up are they meant to go? Pointy side up seems obvious, but just lately I've noticed that any bought eggs are the other way up? Does it matter?? :?


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I've always understood the best way to store eggs is pointy end down. That's what I do.


Lesley, I'm a bit obsessive about folding things (towels, tea-towels, bed linen) perfectly, but I'm a bit too relaxed about everything else. :oops::? You would be very welcome here to straighten everything up for me! :wink::lol:

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