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Please don't try this at home folks :lol::wink:


A woman is stopped for speeding at the edge of town, and the officer says,

'Did you know how fast you were going ? You were doing nearly 75 in a 40 limit. I will need to see your driving licence!'


'I haven't got one' says the woman ' it was taken off me two years ago when i got done for drink driving'


'Can i see your registration documents then please' says the officer.


'It's not my car! I stole it about an hour ago!' says the woman 'I killed the owner, cut him up into pieces, and put him in the boot!'


At this point the officer calls for backup, as he is clearly in the presence of a psycho


Two minutes later, another four police cars are present and the woman is out of the car, and surrounded!


The senior officer asks her 'My officer tells me that you have a body in the boot of this car, is this true?'


'The boot is empty, look for yourself' she says


The boot is opened and sure enough, it's empty


' My officer also tells me that you have no licence.'


At this the woman opens her handbag to produce a current driving licence, registration document and current insurance as well.


The Senior officer is puzzled, and says, ' I can't understand it, the officer that pulled you over was adamant that you had no licence, this

was not your car, you had stolen it, and what is more, you told him that you had murdered the owner, cut him up and put him in the boot!!'



The woman replies ' I suppose the lying s** told you I was speeding as well !!!!'

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I should show this to my OH. He's currently trying his hardest to get off a speeding fine. He's even had the cheek to ask for the lastest report from when the camera's were last configured in the hope they'll be wrong and outdated. He wasn't being excessive, but he was doing 38 in a 30 mile an hour limit.


Speeding is a bit of a bug bear with me. Having had two people ram into the back of me because they were going too fast to stop, Darren is getting no sympathy. I just keep reminding him what we could have spent the money on :wink::roll:

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Sorry to disappoint you (or your OH Gina), but Leicester have just lowered their speeding limits to 36 mph. (I know, unfortunately!) I went on the Speed school training day to avoid the points, thinking I'd be the only one caught at 36 in a 30 zone, and every single one of us had been caught at 36mph! :shock: I was told that once the number caught starts to tail off, they'll reduce it again so that everyone doing 35 mph will be pulled in. :roll:

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I think it's a good thing essentially Snowy. I'd be happy to see it lowered. Someone we know has been on that course too. We live in a fairly quiet, residential part of Leicester, and it drives me bonkers when cars come speeding down our road using it as a short cut. :evil:


I must admit, it did make me think twice (although I do try to stick to the limit normally :angel: ) It was one of those times when there was no other traffic about and mind was wandering (5.30 in the morning :roll: ) And the course did give some great tips on how to be more aware of your speed. Definitely worth going on, but better not to be caught in the first place! :oops: (that sounds bad - better not to SPEED in the first place! :lol: )

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I am afraid i have little sympathy either :roll:


Not been caught :angel: and I get very frustrated with people driving like lunatics on the country roads I use :evil:


I was quite badly hurt sitting stationery at a junction waiting to pull out 5 years ago after being hit from behind by someone doing about 40MPH in a car park :shock:


Good job I was driving my dads volvo and not my MX5 :twisted:

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