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bernard matthews food products

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Hi I know this sounds daft but what would you do with regards to the recent out break and the bernard mathews food product?


95% i cook from fresh but if I am having a lazy day with regards to cooking I sometimes cook my lil boy b/m's dinosurs or jetters! I know this seems to be me panicing but would you stop feeding your kids these or would you not worry!! :?:?:(


I do know that I wont be buying his products anymore!


what do you think???


(edited due to spelling mistakes)




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Emma, read the ingredients list on the back and remind yourself who you are feeding it to before you buy it :shock:


That should stop you being tempted :lol:


Any food properly cooked should pose no risk from bird flu :roll:


Now the risks feeding your children this food .......................Lets not go there :evil:

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I went to Tesco yesterday, and got 15 organic chickens breasts for less than £10 - no-one was wanting them, even when they were reduced right down! They're now nestled in my freezer! :wink::D

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Definitely agree with reading the ingredients.


I love jelly type sweets :oops: but now if I am tempted to put them in my trolley, I always read the back and see that they contain beef gelatine and they go straight back on the shelf :oops:


I think there may be a few 'bargains' to be had if you like BM's food


Emma, my two love homemade nuggets, cut a chicken breast into strips, dip in beaten egg or milk and then whizz some breadcrumbs up with a few herbs and spices coat the chicken in them and then either fry them or bake them in the oven. Claret also put a recipe for a KFC type coating in the All things nice section as well


Dead simple and quick

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I am hoping that this scare will really make people think about what they are buying and realise there is no substitute for good quality meat, bred locally, treated well during its lifetime, dispatched humanely and prepared hygenically, without all the need for importing from other countries and additives and yukky things present in so many of these types of food.

I wouldn't feed this stuff to my dogs, let alone children!

Good on Joe Public for voting with their purses. It will soon be forgotten no doubt. Maybe the government will be forced into finally looking at our regualtions on the importing of meat into our country.


It makes me sick to the heart that live animals can be ferried hundreds of miles into our country, only to meet their deaths over here, so they can be classed as "British" on the labelling at the supermarkets..... although I do believe that these particular turkeys were in fact slaughtered in their native country, and it was the meat which came over that infected the live birds, although how, I can't quite imagine.... :? I don't think I want to know!


Sorry, folks, rant over! :oops:

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Emma, a lot of stuff, like soup, stews, lasagne etc can be made in batches and frozen.


You'll soon get into a different way of doing things, and there is plenty of good advice to be had here on the forum.


Give it a try for a month or so.


Ps..it tends to be cheaper, too, although initially you may have to spend a bit on herbs and spices etc.

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Yes,I agree with the others Emma, do try making a few things from scratch.

If you have young childre,the River Cottage family Cookbook is brilliant....the spag bol is fantastic!


Get a selection of herbs - I would start with Oregano,Mild Chilli, Mild Curry powder,a mixed herbs ,cinnamon & Paprika as they are the ones I seem to use the most.


Good Luck with it :P

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I have NEVER bought bernard matthews products anyway.


I wrote a really angry e mail to him a while back when the news broke out of the mistreatment of live turkeys at his processing plant (when workers were playing baseball with live turkeys :evil::evil: )


Bird flu has not put me off buying chicken though.


Hubby (who is a chicken catcher) says their daily working loads have not been affected at all - so someone must be buying it :shock:

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