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Pimp that... [LARGE PICTURE]

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I must echo Phil though, in asking.......Why :?::!:


It's a cool thing to do apparently. Pimp that has been getting loads of media exposure. People try to make huge versions of little things, it's just self-pride. On Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen they made a huge Jaffa Cake. It looks cool. There are some real fanatics of pimp that out there. :lol:

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All the below is for the big one


The cases are homemade from A3 Paper. The circle has a 29cm diameter and 128 folds. This took an hour to make after practise. The bun weighs a colossal 3lb 4oz :!: and took the best part of 2 hours to cook, possibly a bit more.


Why did we do it?


We LOVE a challenge :lol:

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