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Indian Runner Ducks

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£25 I might have believed :shock::shock::shock::shock:


I think the Practical Poultry magazine has a big section at the back with adverts from people - or it might be Country Smallholding, or both. I'm sure someone will be round to clarify this or you can have a browse in Smiths. Hopefully you can find more than one supplier of Indian Runners and get a true idea of price.

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They really are lovely ducks; my brother out law has some, and they get on well on his small-holding. They have loads of character and i wish that I could have some. I'm sure that he wouldn't have paid £250 each for them, so I'd do a check on the internet if I were you.


Might be worth giving the people at the link below a call as they seem reputable breeders and might give you a price. I came across them when looking for chooks.




Would love to see a picture of one if you get any.

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Aren't they cute! I have been researching these on the web and they do seem to be a good garden bird, however given the fact that we don't want a pond with the children still small I think that ducks might be off the...menu?


Anyway as to price I have pasted a link below from a website I have found selling a trio of them for 30 quid. Not the £250 mentioned earlier. Having looked into it the layers seem to be a different strain to the show birds, that might explain the price.javascript:emoticon(':D')

Very Happy



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I think it is only suitable for two. Our are quite comfortable in theirs. Perhaps three?


Ours have the run plus converter and extension but I would be happier if they had more room to range.


I will try and find time to write about our experience so far with ducks in an Eglu.


In the last week, they have started taking themselves off to bed at night and also, Mindy has learned to lay in the Eglu - both things we thought Ducks weren't supposed to do - they are delightful 8):D:D

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We have a small water garden which is separate from our main house garden - it has a very small wildlife pond (about 2 and half metres diameter) then at the bottom is a very small stream which can be quite fast flowing and about 2ft deep in winter, drying to a 6 inch trickle in summer. Do you think this would be suitable for ducks? How do you stop them flying away? Do they stick to their teritory? Would they get taken downstream against their will? :? These are all things I'm wondering cos I'd love some ducks. Also, our water garden adjoins the lane we live on so I might worry about the few cars that drive too fast down the lane (remember Hebe the cat's accident :shock: ).

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Sorry Red - I was moving house on the 29th and missed this :oops:


Ducks can be prevented from flying if they have their wing pinioned, which is usually done while they are still ducklings. It is the equivalent of wing clipping. Ours aren't pinioned but they don't fly. I don't really know much about it - I've only been told. I'll try and catch up with the duck book and have a look.


We have a small stream at the farm which previous owners used for ducks but they blocked off each end where it goes into a culvert to go under the main road.


Our own ducks are in a run made from Omlet netting and have a temporary pond which is a plastic crate. We change the water twice a day. We did have them in the Omlet run with converter and extension but I am happier now that they have more room.


Hope this helps - just ask if you have any more questions.

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