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Martin B

Dragons Den

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Does anybody else watch it? I'm addicted. I think it's great seeing other peoples ideas. It aslo makes me laugh/feel good when I see products that appeared on the show first in the shops! 8)


For Christmas, I got an EggLAM cube. The bedlam cube is similar to a rubbix cube, you have all of the pieces in a box, you take them out, mix them up and have to put them back into the box so that the lid closes. It's given me a problem since Christmasm, but over the last week my Dad has had endless efforts, and I'm proud to say that he has done it!


I reccomend an EggLAM to all chicken fanatics, because they are all white pieces except one yellow piece which is the yolk, and you have to get the yolk in the middle.


The pictures aren't the best, flas was turned on by accident.

The first one show the cube as a whole and the other shows the yolk in the middle.




There about £9.99 and worth a try!

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Martin, it looks great, but I'm one of those hopeless people who struggled, and struggled to complete a Rubiks cube way back in the 70's or 80's when they were a new craze. I NEVER, EVER completed it :oops: One of my sister's managed it in about 10 mins flat, the other disappeared to her bedroom and emerged an hour later saying she'd done it, but in fact she'd just removed and replaced all the stickers. I just never did it, by cheating or otherwise.

I don't think I'll humiliate myself any further by attempting the EggLam, but thanks for telling me about it. Maybe my son would find it interesting.


I've never watched Dragons Den. I've herad it's good, but I keep forgetting to watch it. Usually because I'm on here :roll::wink::D:D

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I could do the Rubik's cube in about 10 minutes........ with a screwdriver... :roll:


I used to pull mine apart and put it back together in the right order :D:D


Thanks Martin for posting the picture - have got my Bedlam cube reaasembled much further than normal - any possibility of a photo from another angle :?: so I can finally put it back together (and show my children what a clever mummy they have :wink::D:wink: )

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Martin - I'm an addict too. I'm a Duncan fan mostly though, although I do have a soft spot for Peter Jones.


I cannot stand the blonde woman - is it Denise? I think she can be unnecessarily rude to people who are in a very vulnerable, nervous position and she NEVER smiles. Loads of frown wrinkles.


I did prefer the Dragons from the first series too. I have yet to find anything in the shops that I've seen on the program. I have spotted the yogabugs on the web though. I wonder how they are doing?

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We always watch it too Martin. Good trying to guess who's going to get offers and who's going to blow it (which some of them do very quickly!)


Did you see that other programme on recently - very similar in some ways - a panel of millionaires giving out money to people who just go and make requests for all sorts of things, not just business ideas. I only saw part of one episode, and I think the series has finished now. It was interesting too - especially as there was an audience who cheered and booed! :shock:

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