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Pancake Day

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Hi everyone, this is actually Johannes from Omlet, I couldn't remember my sign in so made a new one quickly. Anyway I just wanted to remind everyone (who is as forgetful as me) that tomorrow is pancake day and a good excuse to indulge in some delicious sugary and lemony fun. If you are making some pancakes don't forget to take fotos and add them to the gallery or send them to me for the next newsletter. You never know the best ones might even win an Omlet goody!! Enjoy.

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Hello Johannes.


I had a look at your profile and wondered if you were a spammer with a dodgy website!! With Kate away, we can't be too careful.


I did come across some very suspicious fancy dress pictures.....hee hee


I'm trying to figure out how I can Pimp my Pancake, and getting nowhere fast :roll:


Maybe a chook shaped one would be easier :idea:


I've Sticky'd this thread for the time being too, otherwise it might run off the end of the page

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you still hanging onto the sofa Em? hot whisky will do the trick - forget the baileys :wink:


Yes still hanging on in here & outside with poor Flump too!


PJs & dressing gown with wellies, hair like wild woman of Borneo - so attractive :roll:


Might just drink the bottle of Whiskey - it will either kill me or cure me!!!

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Well, where do we send these pictures?


As nearly everyone was too busy eating pancakes to take pictures, it seems I'm onto a winner here!!! :D


And I'd LOVE a goodie bag! :D

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