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My poor Patty

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We lost our lovely Patty tonight. No idea what went wrong. We think she laid her first egg. It was still warm under her when I found her. My daughter thought she was sleeping but I knew something was wrong. There wasnt much life in her.

I carried her into the kitchen and put her in a box with some newspaper. The vet said she'd see her tomorrow if we wanted. I thought she'd be OK. Just knacked after her first egg - I remember child birth quite well!

I wish I could say she went quietly but she had some sort of seizure in the box.

We are all distraught. Patty is the first of our girls that we've lost.

Cant say much more, I've drowned the keyboard.


Taking her to the vet tomorrow to find out what happened. Will it hurt less after that?

Keep safe and love your girls.


Sal :cry:

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So sorry to hear about Patty. It's a horrible thing to go through, I still cry sometimes when I think about my lovely Lily who we had to have put to sleep. It does get easier even though you may not think that now. Patty was a well cared for and well loved pet and must have had a lovely life with you. I am sending lots of hugs your way.XX

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Sal so sorry to hear about your Patty. The same thing happened to one of our hens. It sounds like it could have been heart problems but the vet will be able to set you straight. We lost our first 3 hens in the first 2 months. we were devastated. I only wish that we had found out how they died so that we could have learned from the whole awful experience.


Thinking of you, take care

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Sal, I was reading your signature. Is it right that you have only had Patty for 10 days? If so, there may have been something wrong with her already and you should get back to your supplier.


I am really sorry to hear about this - my thoughts are with you. :(

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Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts. I blubbed at the vets this morning like a loon.

We also took Selma with us. She has a trotty botty and has been pulling her feathers out around her vent. Apart from that she is bright as a button. Trouble is, so was Patty yesterday morning.

The vet was sooooooooooo nice. We have paid for a full PM including micro biology. Sounds a bit OTT but we want to know and also want to know if our other girls are threatened with anything.

An early report back from the lab suggests it was Infectious Bronchitis. We have since spoken to the lady who supplied them and she says they were both fully vaccinated so back to the drawing board on that one. Still waiting for more results.

When I found Patty she was sitting on her first egg and was almost lifeless. her vent was bloody and she had lost feathers in that area. The lab report says she had another egg waiting but the shell hadnt formed. Typical of IB.

We are hoping Selma will be OK. She has been separated from the others and has anti biotics so we will hope for the best. Her comb is very pale.

Thanks again for your messages.

We all love our girls.


Sal xx

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you're very brave going thru all this. Did Patty have a cough or sneezes. This is a typical symptom of IB. My books do not mention anything to do with the vent. Has your vet considered Mereks Disease. I mention this because this was high on the list of probable causes of our hens sudden demise. In particular one of our hens died in a very similar way to Patty. It is very difficult to diagnose from external appearances and very often it can only be dianosed with a detailed PM. Good luck and i commend you for wanting to get to the bottom of this episode.

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Oh Sal so sorry to hear this, we lost our Buff last year and I was with her too. Cried my eys out but you do love your remaining girls and I have added 2 more and have a happy flock, well 2 really. Cry and know you did everything you could.


Buff had a problem from her first egg laid and she had a prolapse , I had constant problems with her (she was a pekin) I hope the results help you.




BBx :(

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