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That is a stupid time to put it on though! When i mentioned it to the other Mums at school, they were horrified and definately don't want to know where their food comes from as it will put them off meat :x:x


Everyone should know where their food comes from :!:


Is it any wonder places like Bernard Matthews are still in business with attitudes like that!!


A 10:30pm start time is just the excuse they need not to watch it :roll:

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I don't get BBC3 but it matters not I have visited slaughterhouses before and would again - I still eat meat :roll:


I should qualify this I used to be married to a butcher and I was the unofficial gopher whenever something unusual was needed like scalded calves feet I usually had to go and collect it and they usually came from an obscure abbatoir :lol:

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Did anybody watch it? I thought it was so interesting. I've seen the killing process a few times and I think it is quite acceptable now. It was so funny seing all the big grown men crying. :lol:

I've read Hugh's meat book which was really good, but it was good to visually see all the cuts of beef! :)

The second episode is on tonight at 10.30pm, then there is an episode on Wednesday at 10.30pm aswell.


It's a 4 part series but according to the T.V guide there is not an episode on Thursday which doesn't make sense. Eastenders is listed instead. :? Does anybody know when the 4th episode is screened? :?

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The worst will be the lamb, because I've seen it before and they attatch clips and a machine winds up all the wool. :vom:


I don't think the chickens will be a problem for me because I have them and know more about the industry than that of a cow or pig.


In fact in due course I shall be raising birds which will eventually be processed for meat! :)



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I watched it Martin - very enlightening! As a nurse i'm not squeamish at all, and used to live near a slaughter house, but had never seen it in quite such detail. Given me a much deeper respect for those who aim to do it well - like the chap in the programme, and a better idea of how stress to the animal can have a negative effect on the whole process. Will definitely watch teh next one.

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