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Tom and Barbara

We're baaaaaaaack!

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rejoining the forum after a long absence and lovely to see familiar faces and fellow excitable chicken owners :D


we've now moved to a house with more room for chooks (is it sad that was the deciding factor??) so they have 100ft x 70ft to play in :D We've now got 9 large hens including Cotswold legbar, cream legbar, barred plymouth rock, sussex, barnvelder, marsh daisy x and 2 gold brahmas. We've a bantam run with white and gold frizzles, a black silkie, a polish chamois, a silver partridge pekin, gold partridge pekin and a lavender pekin.


Most of the bantams came from our 'Marmite run' where the lady from the chicken farm sends us 'Marmite cases' that need a little extra tlc to get fit and strong


The latest additions are 3 japanese quails all called Bob.


Just flexing my fingers to start some raised veg beds this weekend too


oh and we have a little addition on the way, due 16th August - we should be finding out the sex on Tuesday if baby obliges so I will be straight out to buy it it's first pair of either pink or blue wellies :D


will have a nosey now to see what peeps have been up to *waves at kate, gina, trish, AnnieJ and Daniel*

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Great to see you back Claire :D:D

The new life in Wales sounds fabulous, I do envy you all that space for the hens, and what a marvellous collection of breeds you have. I don't suppose you've got any photos that you could post have you, please :D:D

Cngratulations on the new addition......... another forum baby on the way for us all to coo over :wink::D:D:D .

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oooooh thanks superkate!!


well thats some of my ladies in their temporary run when we first moved in anyway - the poorly chook is the plymouth on the right


the barnvelder standing up on the perch is 'Slowcoach' who was too darned lazy to hatch and 2 days after the others had hatched we could hear tapping getting quieter and quieter so we took the decision to break the egg and get her out - she was this pathetic bloody mess but she survived and is our biggest strongest chook now!


all pictured are birds we hatched

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Hello from me too........... :lol:


Your chooks look lovely and happy what a great set up you have you are so lucky, it must be so nice to have all the different breeds and lots of different coloured eggs........... :)


Congratulations on the new addition can't wait to see pics. of him or her in their wellies............ :lol:

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.we've now progressed to gummi bears and fish fingers with beetroot

Aaah...I remember that phase well!....I could polish off a jar of lime pickle in one go......Wonderful for preventing nausea! Don't think it exactly enhances the breath though! :lol:




Cravings are so weird arn't they?


Welcome back Tom and Barbara, and congratulations on the noodle :D


karen x

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our poorly plymouth had to be put down today :( it turns out she had a ruptured egg tube and was laying inside herself so there wasn't anything we could do. Cried like an absolute baby as I handed her over :cry:


I went and got 3 barred plymouth eggs and 3 cotswold legbars and stuck them under our broody so we'll see if any plymouths hatch...

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