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Martin B

Pigs in the garden

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Thanks martin! :wink:


I adore pigs and have always wanted some. IF we get the cottage then we plan to get 2 pot bellied pigs and put in the orchard. Hubby knows a local farmer whose just had a litter and they are gorgeous, £120 each. :dance:


Pigs are great and very intelligent, I might even be convinced to let them in the house :shock::lol:

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I would love a piglu. All you would need to do is enlarege the current mk2. No roosting bars, no door, no nest box, wooden floor. It would easily be suitable for pigs! I don't think they'd do a run with it! :shock:


Martin that is just what i was thinking when i saw the clip!


Hoping that they would produce them in the 'eglu colours' too! :lol::lol::lol:

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Would they be meat pigs?


£120 is a lot for a pig looking at figures I've seen elsewhere! :shock:


Definitely not martin ! I dont eat meat :lol:


they'd be members of the family :)


hubby said they are tiny, hairy and stripey just like little tigers at the moment , how cute.

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