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New arrivals- dolly and tilly

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Haven't got the pics yet but went to hereford for Mikey's birthday and .....


went to see the Wernlas Collection, they were fantastic and recommended we get............











They are big and beautiful, Mikey is really taken with them and tooks pics so will post later.


They take over a year to grow so we may have to rethink the housing in 12-18 months




I had no idea I could mix a large breed with my bantams and miniature so I am really chuffed to bits :D:dance::dance::dance::dance:



Pics later



BBxx :D

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They are all out in a fenced off area, scratching about and enjoying the first taste of our garden.


They all moved houses so Will is desperate to lay and hasn't worked out she can go into the mark 2, she keeps flying at the run of the mark 1.


Once again I need to get on but the girls are just so much fun to watch.


Addictive....I think so :wink::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Isn't life grand :D



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Cochins are not good layers, but make wonderful pets. Children adore them. They live for 10+ years. They can't fly, so you don't have to clip their wings. And their fluffy feet make you laugh.


I've had my Cochin a year now, and she's a big girl who fills half the Eglu, but she squats with half her body over the nesting box, so it isn't a problem. She came from Wernlas as well. She is gentle, good-tempered, lazy, and easy to catch. She goes into the Eglu every afternoon for a lie-down, so I think of her as an old-age pensioner, and forget that she is the youngest of my girls.


Just in case anyone doesn't know (I didn't, until I got one), Cochins are Chinese and the name is pronounced Co-Chin. I started off doing a Hyacinth Bucket and pronouncing mine a Co-shan, thinking that she was French.

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8) Lovely news, Buffie. But, how do you have the 2 new large cochins in with the little bantams. Or am I a bit confused?


Oh Sheila good question, yes the Cochins are with the bantams. Their good nature makes them perfect together but if it weren't for Wernlas I'd have never known we could do it! :D Would you believe the pekins are still chasing tilly, she hides. :roll::wink:


Gallina that was lovely to hear about your Cochin, I think they are adorable :D


Have pics and need to get them on here



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