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May I introduce my new girls ...

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We collected our new chooks this morning. They are a lovely Easter present from my OH. I decided to go for a mix of diffent types of chooks. They settled in straight away, and the Bovans Nera is very friendly already and happy to be picked up and cuddled.


I am a very proud new mum, so here are 2 pics!!!






:D Jx :D

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Hi Martin,


Lucky you - I was just admiring your lovely photos of your gorgeous new bantams. I bought my new girls from Home Farm Fowls and there were some gorgeous bantams there. I think I may have to get another eglu soon to accommodate some ........

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Hi Eglutine,


Thanks for the lovely comments.


My children are big fans of a particular new children's programme that features these characters. I've prefixed "Tandoori" to Tumbleyboo, as it kind of describes me when I'm coming home from my (luckily) very local, very friendly and relaxing Indian restaurant. :P


Happy Easter. :D

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Wonderful pictures! Congratulations!




Off subject I know, sorry, but I SO love your doggie! 8) Are they as stubborn as I have heard? I once knew one who would go out for a walk, and then when he has enough would just plonk himself down and refuse to go further. His owner would have to carry him from that point onwards! 8)8)


I love dogs with character! 8)


Back on subject :D Great names!

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Thank you all for you welcoming comments.


Annie - You are right about Basset Hounds. I love Bessie dearly - BUT she is the most frustrating dog I have ever owned. She is SO STUBBORN, She will not do anything she doesn't want to do. I'm going to start dog training classes with her next week but I have a feeling it may be an excercise in futility!!!


But on the positive side, she is so funny and very affectionate. One look at her funny face makes me really smile. She definately has tons of character.

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The turf was only laid about 4 days ago to cover the mudbath left by our previous chooks. It's such a novelty to look at the garden and see lovely green grass! :)


Chelsea - How fantastic that your OH is going to build a run. I'm really pleased for you. :)

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Hi Chelsea,


We were really lucky and got the materials for the run for free. The company my OH works for is having major building work done, and the perimeter fence had to be removed. They arranged for a S"Ooops, word censored!"man to take it all away, but he was happy to deliver some to our house to use for the chicken run. It is solid metal, coated in green plastic and very sturdy.


Sorry, that's not much help to you, I'm not sure where you could get something similar.


When will you start building your run? Have you planned a design for it yet? I bet you are really excited. :)

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We've been looking at the area today for the run....hubby wants to go WAY BIG (what is it with men !! :lol: ) and I dont want a huge run as I dont plan for loads and loads of chickens.


But I really like your wire because its green and green blends in well and it looks fab. Im sure I could get something similar.


Thanks very much :)

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