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Naming Chickens

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Smeagol - yes, it is Lord of the Rings, it's Gollum's original name. If you've ever seen a Cornish Rex cat, you might understand why! this one is about 17 years old, and showing its age. It is very slim, and has hardly any fur to speak of. If I can work out how to post a pic, I will.


I inherited it from my brother in February when he moved house, as we all thought the journey from Kent to Yorkshire would be too much for it, as it seemed so old and frail. It's developed a new lease of life however, it chases my enormous tabby out of the house, eats for two, and weasels its way on to the bed at night. :roll: My brother doesn't seem to want it back, I can't think why.

the only thing it's scared of is chickens, heh heh heh :twisted:

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We called our first two Trinny and Susannah (before Gordon Ramsey named his pigs the same :?). We are in the middle of moving now, but plan to get another three and we are going to call them Phobe, Piper and Page, as Sarah is a bit of a fan of the Charmed series on TV - and we like the names of the main characters who are a coven of witches. :shock:

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One of the US Omleteers has the most amazing names for her chickens....they sound like characters from an Oscar Wilde play. They are:


Duchess Of Cornrow

Duchess of The King's Hens

Lady Foghorn-Wellington Of Henhurst Hill

Lady Pick-a-Dilly Of The Hens of Windsor

Lady Teashire Of Teapot Lane

Mrs Eggbrough of London's Hen District



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We're iconic women, Maggie (thatcher) Bonnie (and clyde) Judy (Garland), Dolly (parton) Purdy (from the avengers) and then it goes a bit silly. Penny, because she's vain like a Penny we know, Bob (short for Kate, Blackadder), Kitty, because she came in a cat box, Beryl already had her name but it's coincidentally the name of OH's aunt, and Hazel is the name of OH's other aunt.

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We felt that our chickens [which are speckledy's] needed good old-fashioned names, hence Betty & Mabel. In my mind I see them a bit like Les Dawson in drag. If I were ever allowed to increase my flock [just had a look at the Eglu cube - I want one!], I think I would probably have an Edith, a Voilet and a Josephine. You just don't see these names enough.


Good job our offspring was a boy, as one of my favourite girls names is Lettice!

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Mine are the Corrie chooks - Rita, Audrey & Blanche. We were only sat last night discussing names for when we get more chucks. Hubby wants to stay with the Corrie theme - so we thought of Cilla & Yana,

I want an Amber star, so Amber would be ok.

Hubby said Molly is a nice name for a chook.


I want really comical names & I like Vicar of dibley so Geraldine & Alice would be suitable too.


But will have to see when I get new chooks.


Have wrote a wish list of chooks:-


Amber Star

Blue Laced Wyandotte

White Sussex


That's so far - will have to study my book again - What colour eggs could I expect from the above choices????



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Your chucks have great names :D


We are getting 3 chucks and i wanted to call them,Marge,Selma and Patty ( from the simpsons)but my little boy really wants to call one of them Blossom.


So we have decided on



Edna( my late Grandma)



We haven't got our hens yet so will match the names to the hens when the time comes


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My first 2 are Gertrude & Mabel - have no idea why, I just liked those names but I used to have a Great Auntie Gertie so maybe that's where it came from.

Daisy was already Daisy when I adopted her

My 2 ex batts are Ziggy & Stardust (no explanation needed I hope :D )

I really want a white one and if I do get one then she will be called Lady for short but her full name will be Lady Grinning Soul (one of my fav Bowie songs) or possibly Queen B*tch if I'm feeling naughty :twisted:


b/f said I should have called the 2 ex-batts Rebel & Rebel (as he can't tell a difference between them, even tho' I can :? )

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Strangely enough ours are named after Doctor Who characters. Don't know who thought of that one :roll:


We already have names for the new girls we are having soon. 2 Doctor Who characters and just for a change 2 pop stars


Could be worse they could be called after trains :?

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Ours are named after a Champagne house and the prestige cuvee it makes. We have over 100 to choose from and started with the largest. We are hoping for many new additions to our flock over the years.


Reason for choice: Hope for the future after a difficult year.

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